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Below are the some of the testimonials we’ve received so far. Thanks again to all who wrote!
I have been a member of 888 for 9 years and in this time I have played at many different sites. Can I just say how excellent your VIP Team is. I think 888 are the best in the business, the promotions are great, as is the Appreciation Bonus scheme and the VIP Newsletter.

Theresa C. from U.K.

I was surprised when you contacted me to suggest cashing out part of my winnings as it was a very positive sign. I could never imagine that an Account Manager could give me such positive advice!

Alejandro B. from Argentina

I have been on this site for a number of years, the VIP Team are the reason I don’t play anywhere else. I know if I have a problem, which is rare, it gets resolved quickly and efficiently. I also have the chance to go see concerts, football matches and I’m looked after like royalty!

Once again, thank you.

Anthony G. from U.K.

I don't know where to begin to say thank you for the most AMAZING hospitality VIP tickets. We were over the moon and thoroughly enjoyed every moment! Thank you ever so much for organising that for us... star as ever.

Seema D. from U.K.

I can officially announce that the BEST EVER and PARTY OF THE YEAR awards go to 888 VIP Christmas Party! Thanks, I’m so happy this experience happened to me.

Peter K. from U.K.

It's easy to express yourself when mean every word.

I have played at a few casinos over the years but none of the customer service comes close to the support, consideration, helpfulness, professionalism and on occasion compassion, the team at 888 have displayed to me over the many years I have been a member.

Kevin H. from U.K.

I must say that the Cheltenham day out was truly fantastic and with it being Gold Cup day certainly one off the bucket list, shared with the members of the 888 Team. This event was up there as the best I’ve experienced for numerous reasons.

Janie P. from U.K.

I have been on all different sites to compare what other online casino games have to offer. 

In my opinion, has the most to offer and more fun to play. I have played some of the other site games and I must say that I always come back to In fact, I have deleted them from my computer.

The other games have actually given my computer virusus and there is no comparison to you.

I enjoy this site very much and also the help one gets from your casino, are very friendly and helpful, I trust this site and will continue to keep 888casino on my computer.

Thanks for a good job and the Newsletters are wonderful.

Denise G. from Canada