I think that one of the reasons that gamblers lose more often than they win is that there is some amount of arrogance embedded in every gambling activity.

Let me explain.

Gambling is based on the notion that randomness or luck or fate will (eventually) sooner rather than later will come in your favour. This mentality is a show of arrogance and ingratitude. Because luck has been already in your favour since you are alive and have been the lotto winner of the millions of sperms that tried to impregnate your mother. You are lucky beyond measure just to be alive. Ingratitude and

Furthermore, gambling is an arrogant activity because you dare challenge randomness. You must be stupid not to see that luck (the big Unpredictable) is powerful and beyond anyone’s control. Physical phenomena, life changing events, biological characteristics… almost everything of importance is dependent on luck. Yet you try to beat that master of the universe in the controlled (?) environment of the casino in a seemingly simple and understandable game called roulette. What a recreant fool you are!

You deserve to lose.
Because knowingly or not, you lack the modesty, the respect and the awe of the deeply self conscious player.

This is what Kavouras taught me.