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How to Play Slot Races

What are the Slot Races?

The Slot Races are high-speed casino tournaments where you race against your opponents in the bid to win as many points as possible before the time is up. The player with the most points by the end of the race is the winner!

How do I get started?

Registering to the races is totally FREE & easy. Log in to 888casino and look for the Slot Races Lobby! Any registered member can take part by selecting “Join” on a race of their choice via the main ‘Race Lobby’ or on the race panel displayed whilst playing a game.

So what’s the deal?

The aim is to spin and win as many points as possible until the race is over. Spins of real-money and bonus-money qualify for the race. Remember to check the following before you spin to win:

  • Race Games – Players can participate in a race by playing one or more of a selection of different games, and may also switch between these games during a race.
  • Bet Amount - Each race has its own unique minimum bet requirement. Spins below this minimum will not accumulate points for the race.
  • Active Race – Every race has its time limit. Spins played before the race starts or after it ends, will not accumulate points for the race. Once the Slot Races timer hits zero (“00:00”), the race is over and rewards will be granted immediately.
  • Race Spins – Only spins up to the maximum number specified for each race will accumulate race points. During the race, the number of spins displayed represents the number of spins left until you reach the maximum, and are updated as you play. Spins made with FreePlay or Free Spin vouchers earned from promotions will not accumulate race points.

What can I win?

Each race offers a different number of prizes. Finish in one of the specified winning positions to win the listed prize. Prizes can be FreePlay, Free Spins, Bonuses and even Cash prizes! The daily “Main Event” race gives you even BIGGER prizes, so definitely make sure you grab your spot!

How can I win the race?

The player with the most points wins the race and will be granted their reward instantly at the end of the race! The races are jam-packed with point boosting features, so there are loads of chances to build up your points! Here’s what each booster will give you:

“Win”- Pay-out is up to 5 times your bet amount = 5 points

“Jumbo Win”- Pay-out is between 5 times & 15 times your bet amount = 50 points

“Monster Win”- Pay-out is 15 times or more your bet amount= 500 points

“Double Jumbo”- Get two Jumbo Wins = 100 points

“Super Booster”- Hit one of the game special features - “Bonus Round”, “Free Spin” or “Pick Me” = 500 points

Note: Points are not real-money. It is the accumulation of points that determines who wins each race and gets rewards.

How can I see how I’m doing?

It couldn’t be easier to follow your progress as you race for victory. Follow the Race leaderboard panel on your screen as you play. Get real-time updates on how you and your competitors are ranking, including a breakdown of your points, spins and time remaining. The perfect accompaniment for your race to the top!

What if there’s a tie?

In the event of a tie, the first player who accumulated the points will win the prize.

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