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Fairest of them All is an online slot game of magical proportions, combining elements of a story that you’ll remember and love from your childhood with the thrills and spills of the online casino. Forget the pages of fairytales though, this story is yours for keeps if you’re prepared to play for it. You’ll fall head over heels for online slots with this bold and enchanting 3D game, which is based on the most beloved fairytale of them all.
fairest of them all mega win
fairest of them all bonus round
Special features don’t get any more magical than a fairy godmother, yet that’s precisely what you’ll get when you play Fairest of Them All. Watch out for the enchanting princess and her many woodland chums as they grant a host of random bonuses and reel modifiers at intervals. Sumptuous, scrumptious, and far tastier than any poisoned apple, this video slot game will send you quickly towards your happily ever after.


Fairest of Them All is a bewitching online slot with 5-reels and 30 paylines, each waiting to grant your every wish; a little like the kiss that comes with every happily ever after, in fact. Getting to grips with this game couldn’t be simpler: choose your coin value, place your stake, and look out for that winning combination of three, four, or five symbols, as well as any of the six reel modifiers that could appear at any time.

Coin Value

The minimum stake that you can place during a game of Fairest of Them All is £0.20.

Special Features

Look out for a host of special features, which will appear as if by magic to enchant your slot game. The ‘Guardian Angel’ bonus enables a beautiful princess and her woodland friends to grant six different reel modifiers with exciting near misses at any point, while the ‘Magic Mirror’ lockable free spin could send you on your way to happiness… or down a route of evil. Pick any three of the seven dwarves to help you on your way with a ‘Mine Bonus’ and it’ll be hi-ho it’s towards the jackpot you go, and look out for the prince’s progressive bonus, which could be won at three points during the game. With a Mine Bonus, dig with the seven dwarves to uncover a variety of treats, including a gem that awards a prize amount, and a cart that allows you to choose a random prize from three different carts.

Icons and symbols

Look out for characters from the most beloved fairytale, including the prince, queen, dwarves, the magic mirror, or the famous apple. Matching any three, four, or five of them could provide that happily ever after.

Wild symbols

Wild symbols can be substituted for any of the normal symbols in order to increase your chances of a win, but not any of the special symbols.

Free Spins

Five free spins can be won when any three scatter symbols are activated. These are located on reels 2, 4, and 5. If you reveal the mirror symbol, either the princess, evil queen, or prince will appear, locking your number of spins, unlocking more free spins, or awarding the jackpot, respectively.

Reel Modifiers

Taking a free spin could cause any of these random modifiers to appear, and casting a spell over your game:
  • The rabbit will change all of the symbols on one or more of the reels to wilds
  • The owl will change several symbols on any reel, at random, to wilds
  • The bird will award a multiplier, ensuring that all wins attained during a spin are multiplied
  • The butterfly adds a free spin or mine bonus to the reel
  • Silver dust turns a losing spin into a winning one
  • Gold dust can increase the payouts waiting for you by changing all of any one symbol into one of higher value

Game terminology for buttons and displays:

SPIN (or play button): Start the next round of action.
LINES: The total number of lines in play. In most games this can be adjusted by using the arrow (“< >”) or plus/minus (“+ -”) keys.
BET: The current bet amount per line. In most games this can be adjusted by using the arrow (“< >”) or plus/minus (“+ -”) keys.
MAX BET: Automatically wager the maximum possible bet based on current coin value and # of active paylines (depending on the game).
TOTAL BET: The total amount to be wagered in the next spin (calculated by the # of active paylines and bet per line amount).
LEVEL: Normally available in levels 1 through 10 (and sometimes differently), this setting adjusts the number of coins wagered in a round, with level 1 being the lowest number of coins and 10 being the highest. Not available in all games.
AUTOPLAY: Activate computer play mode, where the computer plays your spins on your behalf. In most games you can set the number of autoplay rounds to x10, x25, x50 or x75.
PAYTABLE (i): Displays all winning combinations and payouts available for current game.
PAID: Amount of winnings to be paid to player during a winning round.
JACKPOT: In progressive jackpot games, the current jackpot amount will be shown here.


On every spin there is a random chance that one of the following modifiers will be triggered:
+ RABBIT: Will change all symbols on one or more reels to WILD.
+ OWL: Will change several symbols on the reels to WILD.
+ BIRD: Awards a multiplier and all wins on this spin are multiplied by this value.
+ BUTTERFLY: Will add FREE SPIN or BONUS scatter symbols to the reels, triggering one of these features.
+ SILVER DUST: Will turn a losing spin into a winning one.
+ GOLD DUST: Will change all of one symbol that formed a win into a higher-valued symbol, increasing the payout.
+ PINK DUST: Summons the Prince and wins you the progressive jackpot!
  • The bonus round is triggered by getting ‘Bonus’ scatter symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5.
  • Select one of the 7 characters. This will award a base prize to add to every cash prize you win in the bonus round.
  • Select a gem in the rock wall that you wish to mine.
  • The character will then dig in that area and you will receive one of the following:
+ Cash prize: You can then choose another gem to mine.
+ Collect: This ends the bonus round.
  • Mine carts may appear at random to award one of the following:
+ Multiplier: Increases all cash prizes.
+ Extra miner: Adds another base prize. You may have up to 3 miners active at one time.
+ TNT Super-Pick: Awards a large cash prize!
+ Prince: Wins you the progressive jackpot!
  • By selecting AUTO PLAY on the main game you can choose to place a series of bets automatically, one after the other. Select your stake as normal then press the ‘Auto Plays’ button to select the number of automatic spins you want, and then click the Play button.
  • Automatic spins will stop if you trigger a bonus round or do not have enough funds for the next spin.
  • You can stop automatic spins from continuing onto the next spin by clicking the 'Stop' button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Game Stats

RTP 94.00% Jackpot No
Paylines 20 Free Spins Yes
Max Bet 100 Wild Feature Yes
Min Bet 0.2 Special Feature Guardian Angel
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