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The Genie had only been running for 2 months when Norm from the UK made his first ever deposit & OPEN SESAME! The Genie jackpot dropped £2,399,663 – SHAZAM!

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"When I won the jackpot, I yelled out "YES, YES, YES!" without paying any attention to anyone around me. It was really unbelievable!" Brahim, Morocco

"You have made my year and given me and my husband and children something to look forward to!!", Leanne, UK

"My heart started beating really fast. I cannot really explain the feeling but I was in total shock. I actually logged out and shut down my computer. After 30 minutes I logged back in again and the figures were still there. I had really won €130,000!" Peter, Sweden

"I played the slot machines, more for fun and to see how the games in 888casino look, and suddenly... Jackpot! 18,000 Euros!!!!" Piotr, UK

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