How do a spinning wheel and a tiny ball create so much excitement and compel so many people around the world to visit casinos, and bet their earnings, just for a chance to experience the ecstasy of winning?

When people think of excitement in a casino, they think of the Roulette wheel spinning, the ball falling on a number, followed by cheers and high fives. The game they think of is Roulette, now available online at

Roulette, originated in France, is one of the most popular casino games today. Due to its popularity, Roulette was one of the first casino games to be adapted into an online version.

Playing online Roulette is easy. There are two main parts to an online Roulette game: The wheel and the table.

The Roulette wheel has the numbers 0-36 on it, each in an either red or black box. To determine the winning number, the croupier spins a ball in the opposite direction the wheel is spinning. The ball will fall on a number, and that determines the winner.

The table is where the bets are placed. Inscribed on the table are the numbers 0-36, in either red or black. Beside these numbers are alternative betting options, like black, red, odd and even. To bet, before the dealer calls “No more bets!”, you must place your chips where you think the ball will fall on the wheel.

For example, if you think the ball will land on 24, you would place your chips on the corresponding box. If you think the ball will fall on any of the red numbers, you would place your chips on the red box, off to the side.

After the ball has fallen on the wheel and a winning number is determined, the dealer will make the payouts, based on the predetermined odds. That’s all. Anyone can learn to play online Roulette easily.

Are you looking for the thrills of a Roulette table, but don’t want to take the trip to the local casino? Stay home, and play Roulette online at It’s easy!

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By Braydon Martin