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How to Play Power Video Poker

Short Description and Game Rules: Casino's Power Video Poker is a Video Poker Machine, that allows the player to participate in up to 50 hands, simultaneously. Have a favourite version of Video Poker? Well, now Power Video Poker Machines are available in all the same Video Poker game versions that we offer single hand Video Poker in. The Power Video Poker rules, game play and Payout are identical to that of our normal Video Poker Machines, but with the multiple hand aspect. Power Video Poker is as fun and exciting as our regular Video Poker, multiplied by the number of hands you choose to play simultaneously. From the Casino Lobby, proceed to the Video Poker Lobby:

  1. From the Video Poker Lobby, choose "Power Video Poker".
  2. Choose the Video Poker game version that you wish to play, in Power Video Poker mode.
  3. Choose between playing 5, 10, 25 or 50 hands, simultaneously, while playing Power Video Poker. Your Power Video Poker Machine will open. To start playing:
  4. Press on the "Click to Insert Money" slot to insert money, in denominations of 50 only, into the machine.
  5. Choose/change and view the monetary value of each credit, by pressing the plus/minus arrow buttons, above "Credit Value".
  6. Click on the "Bet One" button, once for each credit you wish to bet, or the "Play 5 Credits" button to place the maximum bet of 5 credits.
  7. After betting using the "Bet One" button, click on the "Deal Draw" button, whereupon you will be dealt one five-card Poker hand. (If the player utilises the "Play 5 Credits" button to bet, the deal will occur automatically.)
  8. After the first draw, click on the cards that you wish to hold (keep).
  9. Press on the "Deal Draw" button again. Your hand will be spread out into 5, 10, 25 or 50 separate hands (depending on the number you chose in step #3 above) and will be played out simultaneously.
  10. The cards that you chose to hold will be held, in each hand. The rest will be replaced by new cards, in each hand. (Note: each individual hand is played with a separate, 52 card deck.)
  11. Your multiple hands are then compared to the table of winning combinations for that particular version of Video Poker. (To see the winning combinations table, press on the "See Pays" button on the left centre of the Power Video Poker Machine.)
  12. Your Payout will be calculated by examining the outcome of each individual hand, and then accumulating all individual hands into one overall credit score or Payout.

Double Playoff Round:

When you produce an overall set of winning hands (you won more credits overall than you wagered - based on that Video Poker version's winning combinations table), you are offered a Playoff Round, in which you are given the opportunity to "Double" your winnings. If you do not wish to participate in the Playoff Round, simply click "Collect". If you wish to participate in the Playoff Round:

  1. Click on the "Double" button to leave your previous hands' winnings as your bet.
  2. The Power Video Poker Machine's Playoff Round will now be played uitilising the main hand (large cards at front of machine) only.
  3. The Power Video Poker Machine's main hand's cards will turn over face down, and then one card will turn face up.
  4. Click on one of the four cards that remain face down.
    1. If the card that you choose is of a lower value than the card that the machine turned over, your bet is collected and the Playoff Round is over.
    2. If the card that you choose is of an equal value to the card that the machine turned over it is a Tie, or Push and you neither win, nor lose and the Playoff Round is over.
    3. If the card that you choose is of a higher value than the card that the machine turned over - you win, and the special Playoff Round continues, if you wish.
    4. You may once again click on the "Double" button, to leave your previous playoff round's winning as your bet. (Please Note: If you do not wish to continue participating in the Playoff Round, simply click on "Collect".)

Please Note: The Playoff Round automatically ends after a total of five rounds.