Money Transfer

Our Member-to-Member Money Transfer feature is a secure way for 888casino players to transfer money from their own accounts to other players' accounts.

Please note that the Money Transfer feature may be unavailable for some members.

Account Verification

As part of our Money Transfer policy, members may be required to verify their identity before transferring funds to another account. This validation process is to prevent potential online fraud.

If you want to transfer sums of money over a certain limit, you will first be required to verify your account.

For more details about account verification, see Verify Now.

Terms & Conditions

In submitting the Member-to-Member Money Transfer request form, you confirm that:

  1. The funds are not being transferred for illegal or fraudulent purposes. The transfer will not be processed if 888casino suspects the transfer involves illegality or fraud of any kind.
  2. You are over the age of 18 years old and the funds are not being transferred to anyone under the age of 18 years old.
  3. The funds are being transferred at your own risk and that 888casino takes no responsibility whatsoever for the transfer, including the repayment of the funds by the receiving member.
  4. Once executed the transfer cannot be reversed or cancelled.
  5. You waive any claim against 888casino in respect of the transfer.
  6. 888casino reserves the right to request account verification for any money transfer for any reason.
  7. Unusually large transfers (as determined by 888casino from time to time) are only permitted from verified member accounts.
  8. The recipient must wager the funds received at least 2 time(s) before withdrawing them.
  9. Transfers are only permitted among open accounts.
  10. Limits apply to transfer amount and number of requests.
  11. Amounts are to coincide with the member's requested limits.
  12. If the transferred funds were not used by member for more than 480 days, this money transfer will be cancelled and the amount will be deducted from the member’s bankroll.