Live blackjack... ‘xtra’ excitement and now an ‘xtra’ £750 in daily bonuses.

As if a visit to our Live Casino Blackjack tables wasn’t exciting enough, we’ve now added a sensational twist... the chance to win your share of £750 bonus every day!

How it works - we shuffle 12 mixed bonus cards into our 888Xtra table decks each day:

  • £ 100 – x3
  • £ 75 – x3
  • £ 50 – x3
  • £ 25 – x3
Play! - take your seat at the Live Casino 888Xtra table in our 888 Private Room every day between 1pm and 1am (GMT).

Win! - if you’re dealt a bonus card, you win the amount shown on that card – it’s as simple as that!

Play at our 888Xtra table for your share of £750 bonus every day!

Live Blackjack offers you an even more social experience... chat to other players and to your very own dealer about everything from card strategy to the weather. It’s a real casino experience at your convenience.
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