Dream Catcher

The next big thing in the Live Casino industry: Live Dream Catcher. This online variant of the land-based game Money Wheel is simple, extremely catchy and has a huge winning potential.

Live Dream Catcher

Extremely Engaging


Dream Catcher is an entertaining live casino game featuring a giant spinning wheel. This exciting Money Wheel game caters to slots players with big spins. Perhaps the most immersive live casino game yet, Dream Catcher is very easy to play. Players will enjoy a smorgasbord of additional features, including HD visuals, close-ups and crystal-clear audio with gorgeous and professional hosts. This fabulous game allows players to win with x2 and x7 multipliers. All the action streams live from a secure studio, courtesy of Evolution Gaming software.

Plus, now you can play anywhere you go! All live casino games from 888casino are fully compatible with PC/Mac desktops and laptops, as well as your favorite mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and Android platforms.

Dream Catcher is a fabulous game, and the dealers are amazing. The giant spinning wheel is vertically mounted in a secure studio with Vegas-style lights and snazzy beats. The game has been scaled to allow unlimited numbers of players to participate in each spin of the wheel. It’s an electrifying game of chance, much like the big money progressive jackpot slots games.


You can shoot the breeze with the live dealers while the wheel is turning and the leather stopper at the top clicks against each segment. As you wait for the wheel to come to a stop, the excitement reaches fever pitch levels. There are multiple bet options available to you, including the numbers 1-2-5-10-20 or 40. That’s a real Dream Catcher!


Evolution Gaming has optimized the game Dream Catcher for maximum functionality on all devices. That means you get to enjoy feature-rich entertainment wherever you go via live streaming technology. Dream Catcher is a game of chance with a mega-sized spinning wheel and various segments.

In total, there are 54 equal-sized segments in the game. The numbers on the wheel are limited to the following selections: 1-2-5-10-20-40. There are also multipliers on opposite ends of the wheel – x 2 and x 7. When you land on these multipliers, you will can enjoy huge winnings off the spins that follow.

To get started, simply pick a number on the wheel and place a bet on it. The payout odds correspond with the number that you’ve chosen. If your number lands, you’re in the money. The multiplier numbers – 2s & 7s - are effectively bonus spins since they multiply your next wins. The wheel will then spin again.

If you land a 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, or 40, your wager will be multiplied by the outcome x2. If you happen to land on another multiplier, the same thing happens, but the multiplier is multiplied by the multiplier. As you can imagine, the payouts can get incredibly big when this happens. The purpose of the game is to score as big as possible. You simply place your wagers and the dealer does the rest. You don’t need any specific skill or strategy to win, but it certainly helps if you know the following:

  • There are 23 segments featuring the number 1 with a payout of 1:1
  • There are 15 segments featuring the number 2 with a payout of 2:1
  • There are 7 segments featuring the number 5 with a payout of 5:1
  • There are 4 segments featuring the number 10 with a payout of 10:1
  • There are 2 segments featuring the number 20 with a payout of 20:1
  • There is 1 segment featuring the number 40 with a payout of 40:1

Nice to Know – The Dream Catcher Guide

Remember, there are 2 segments featuring multipliers – one of them is x2, and the other is x7. This captivating live dealer game can be enjoyed with a minimum bet of £0.10 and a return to player percentage that ranges from 90.57% through 96.58%. Based on your Internet bandwidth capacity, you can easily adjust the audio-visual feed to enable a high definition view or a classic view.

The game has been crafted for optimal performance on the smaller screen sizes of smartphones and tablets, mobile gaming without sacrificing quality or performance. Pick your preferred view, and you’re ready to spin the giant wheel and win for real. Dream Catcher is optimized for maximum functionality using HTML 5. It runs direct off your browser with a secure feed from the casino studio.

Each of the 6 bet selections that you can place is displayed with a unique colour-coded currency. 1 is yellow, 2 is blue, 5 is purple, 10 is green, 20 is orange, and 40 is red. Simply pick your preferred option, place your wager using the chips located to the left of your screen (you can increase or decrease chip size) and then spin the wheel. It is possible to bet on all selections.

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