Video Poker

Video Poker is taking the online world by storm and is one of most popular games in the casino industry. With its cool retro style and simple ease of use, it’s easy to see why this classic game appeals to so many.



Video poker is an online casino game that players just cannot stay away from! It’s a casino classic and its simplicity and fun layout make it an easy choice for all kinds of players, At 888casino you can play your favourite video poker game. We offer Jacks or Better, All American, Deuces Wild double up or Joker Wild double up.

So let’s talk about the basics. Video poker is in the form of a 5-card-draw which is displayed face-down on the video slot machine screen. Just like in real-life, you virtually put your credit in the “Insert Money” slot on the right hand side and then you’re ready to go! Your cards are dealt and you choose which cards you would like to keep in the hand before you discard the rest and deal another draw. You are basically trying to make a set, which can come in many forms. After the new cards are dealt, your hand is evaluated and you are paid based on the outcome of the final hand. Simple, right?

The amazing thing about playing online video poker at 888casino is that upon signing up, you will be awarded with loads of bonuses and promotions. Talk about getting a head-start! There’s no better way to spend your first online casino games than without actually spending at all! On top of this, being an 888casino players means one thing - ongoing promotions and offers that provide you with a constant flow of Bonus surprises! With perks like this, why would you want to play this ever-popular casino game anywhere else? The video poker machines are waiting for you! Come and experience the fun for yourself and see what all the hype is about!


To get a complete lowdown of tips, strategies and a general knowledge on how to play video poker for the most popular video poker games we have, be sure to visit 888casino’s Ultimate Video Poker Strategy Guide, written by the video poker pro himself, Jerry Stickman. It’s easy to be successful when you have the right tools, and we provide our players with only the best!

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