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Are you a straight shooter? Find out just how good your arm is when you roll the dice at a game of Craps here at 888 Casino. To get things started, place the classic Pass Line Bet just before the Come Out Roll. If the Craps shooter rolls 7 or 11, you’ll strike it rich with the Pass Line Bet. But don’t get caught with snake eyes – those are 1s on each dice, Cross Eyes 1s and 2s on the dice, or Box Cars with a pair of 6s.
Craps is one of the most iconic casino games, and you’ll often find the Craps tables peppered with eager revellers 3 people deep around the table. This is one of the most adrenaline-loaded attractions out there, and once you start playing, you’ll understand why those dice run the show. No doubt you’re eager to shake, rattle and roll – let’s get this party started with a bang!


The game of Craps is played with a pair of dice. It seems simple enough, but it’s important to understand the rules of play before you roll your Golden Arm. We’ve all seen those casino movies where Craps players shake the dice in their hands, give them a kiss, and let fly. Let’s get you up to speed with the different bets that you can place in Craps, and how you can win big. The Craps table is a big betting field.

Luckily, you don’t need to fight your way through the crowds to place your bets on the table, and you don’t need to worry about the stick men either. This is virtual Craps betting – you simply use your mouse to determine your chip size and bet size. By left clicking your mouse, you can pick a chip, and move it to any betting position on the table. You can deselect bets by right clicking on the mouse button. Once you’ve placed the bets, you are ready to roll!

For each spot that you wager on, there is always a limit. Pick wisely to ensure that you get the best spread on the table. 888 Casino also offers Turbo mode which will disable the animation of the dice and instantly generate results through the RNG. There is less showmanship, and quicker results. This allows you to get through more Craps rolls during your gaming sessions. You can also toggle the casino music on or off at your leisure and choose between different table colours if you so desire.


PASS LINE BETS – these are placed before the Come Out Roll. You will win if a 7 or 11 is rolled, and you will lose if a 2, 3, or 12 appears. If the following dice totals are rolled: 4-5-6-8-9-10, that then becomes the point number and that same total will have to be rolled again before 7 or 11 is rolled to win. These bets pay even money.

DON’T PASS LINE BETS – this is the opposite of a Pass Line Bet. You place this bet before the Come Out Roll and you will win if the Craps shooter rolls 2 or 3. If the Craps shooter rolls 7 or 11, you lose. If the Come Out Roll number is 4-5-6-8-9-10, that becomes the point number, and the Craps shooter will have to roll 7 before rolling the Point, for that bet to win. If the Come Out Roll is 12, the Don’t Pass Line bet is returned to the player.

COME BETS - this popular bet is placed in the bar area labelled COME. The point is determined by the Come Out Roll and similar rules to the Pass Line Bets are in play.

DON’T COME BETS – this is the opposite of a Come Bet. It is placed in the Don’t Come bar area, after the Come Out Roll. These bets win when a 2 or 3 is rolled by the Craps shooter. These bets lose if the shooter rolls 7 or 11. If a 12 is rolled, a Push ensues and the bet will be returned to the player. If totals amount to 4-5-6-8-9-10, that becomes the Come Point.

Other Craps bets include the following options: Odds Bets, Pass Line Odds Bets, Don’t Pass Line Odds Bets, Come Odds Bets, Don’t Come Odds Bets, Field Bets, Big 6 and Big 8 Bets, Place Bets, Buy Bets, Lay Bets, Any 7 Bets, Any Craps Bets, Horn Bets, and Hardway Bets. There are specific rules and requirements for each of these betting options, and it’s a great idea for you to check out the info section and rules of play for our Craps games at 888 Casino. You can roll your way to victory by trying out different betting strategies in demo-play mode before you use real money in your Come Out Roll!


  • The paytable is visible by clicking the info button
  • Auto Roll functionality is available when a Pass Line Bet is placed and when a point is reached.
  • Turbo mode is activated during Auto Roll
  • Auto strategy is activated when a Pass Line Bet is placed & rolled
  • Once you choose auto strategy, additional bets cannot be placed
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