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Classic Keno is an age-old game that is just as much fun today as ever! This lottery-style game has ancient Chinese origins, and it remains hugely popular with fans at 888 Casino. Keno games are fun-filled entertainment activities where you get to pick 10 numbers from 1-80 on the Keno Board.
Remember, it’s a lottery game, where you choose numbers and try to match the numbers drawn by the RNG (random number generator) at the casino. Simply place a bet, choose the numbers you want to play and cross your fingers. The magic of Keno is about to unfold in 3, 2, 1… Let’s play Keno!


Some folks say that Classic Keno has poor odds, we say it’s worth a shot. Considering the size of the payouts you can win in this exciting chance-based game, it’s highly entertaining, easy to play, and potentially lucrative. To get started, you will have to choose anywhere from 1-10 numbers by clicking on your number selections on the Keno Board. Remember, there are a total of 80 numbers for you to choose from. These numbers range from 1-80. For each game that you play, you can make 10 number selections. Every number that you select on the Keno Board will turn green. If you’ve made an error, and you’d like to choose another number simply click the number again and it will deselect.

888 Casino offers an affordable range of betting options for your Keno gaming sessions. You can tailor the bets to your bankroll or go big for a big score. Simply choose your favourite 10 numbers on the board or use the automatic selection option which will auto select 10 numbers for you. It couldn’t be easier to play this exciting lottery-style game. Underneath the Keno Board, just to the side, you will notice a listing of possible Hit Payouts. These correspond directly with the number of matches you have scored in the game. Your bet selections range from 1-5. Simply choose the following options to make incrementally larger bets: Bet 1, Bet 3, or Bet 5 to increase your bets per game.

Every time you increase your bet size, your potential payouts will increase accordingly. 888 Casino also offers multi-game plays. You can play 1, 5, or 10 Keno games on the trot. Watch as the RNG Keno Machine randomly draws numbers and displays them for each game. Underneath each Keno Board that you play, you will see the numbers you have hit in each round. You can also select individual games to find detailed results of winning numbers and payouts. Beneath each Classic Keno board, you will see the sum of all your winnings in the previous round. Once you’ve picked your numbers and the results have been drawn, you can start all over again by simply clicking new game.

PS: If you fancy the same numbers for each Keno game you play, you can simply keep those numbers by clicking on repeat bet.

Exciting Features of Classic Keno

Since Classic Keno is a chance-based game, it doesn’t matter which numbers you choose, since every ball has a 1/80 probability of being drawn in every game. You may wish to use Keno calculators to determine your payback with every bet that you place. Classic Keno features 18 numbers and 20 numbers are randomly drawn in each Keno game. The goal is to simply match your numbers with the hit numbers. Your payouts are determined by 3 factors including the following:

  • How many of your selected numbers hit
  • How many numbers you chose per game
  • How much you wagered on each Keno game

Quick-Click Keys to Playing Classic Keno Games at 888 Casino

  • Click 1 to bet one
  • Click 3 to bet three
  • Click 5 to bet five
  • Click the SPACEBAR to automatically deal 10 numbers
  • Click N for a new game
  • Click R to repeat the bet
  • Click the BACKSPACE button to return to the lobby
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