Esqueleto Exsplosivo slot game is a celebration of life. Ever heard of the Mexican Day of the Dead? This classic game is a tribute to Enrico Mortis and the mariachi skeletons who make up his band. They’re known as The Boners and you’re about to enjoy some jaw-dropping fun, head-rolling action, and firework popping entertainment across 5 spinning reels and 17 fixed paylines. Esqueleto Exsplosivo slot game is full of song and dance, music, and merrymaking. There are some incredible features designed to get you in the mood – just don’t lose your head in the process!
What’s great about Esqueleto Exsplosivo online slots? For starters, it is bright and colourful, and it features an unconventional number of reels and symbols. Ever seen 17 fixed paylines? You’re about to enjoy some toe-tapping fun, with trumpets, banjos, guitars, and colourful deadheads as far as the eye can see. Simply form winning combinations on the screen and watch those heads explode to reveal fabulous prizes.


Get ready to have some fun! 888casino has listed some of the top winning tips and strategies for you to power your way through Esqueleto Exsplosivo slot game. There are 5 reels and 17 fixed paylines of wild entertainment. To get started, simply pick the size of your bet. You have many available bet selections starting at £0.10 and rising all the way up to £100 per wager. There are numerous available bet selections, just select your preferred option.

Once you’ve placed your bets, click the spin button to get those heads rolling. You can even practice in demo mode, before you play for real. Once you spin, the heads will fall forward and be replaced by a cascading supply of new deadheads across 3 rows. When you form winning combinations, you’ll see the multipliers steadily increasing. These multipliers expand in the following increments: x1, x2, x4, x8, x16, and x32. Get the party started with a click of the Spin Button, and you’ll be singing and dancing the night away!

Incredibly Festive Symbols

The pay table lists all the winning combinations that are possible in the game. The dropping symbols replace new and existing symbols as long as winning combinations are being formed. The most exciting features include the Mucho Multiplier and the Explosivo Wild Symbol. These guys are the stars of the show, and the life of the deadhead party.

The Explosivo Wild substitutes for other symbols to form winning combinations and when it detonates, it destroys 8 of the closest symbols and improves your winning chances. It bumps up your multiplier by one level, meaning that you can win big prizes when playing Esqueleto Exsplosivo online slots game.

So, what are the festive symbols in the game? You’ve got the pink deadhead, the green deadhead, the mariachi moustache deadhead, the orange deadhead and the turquoise deadhead. All these dudes and dudettes are here to have a good time. When you form the right combinations of symbols, you will rack up some pretty amazing prizes.


  • Esqueleto Exsplosivo is a 5 reel, 17 payline video slot game with a Mexican theme.
  • You can place bets from as little as £0.10 all the way up to £100.
  • Auto play functionality is available from as little as 5 game rounds through 5,000 game rounds at pre-set bets.
  • Players can toggle the volume on/off at any time by clicking on the speaker button
  • There are 5 levels of multipliers every time you form winning combinations going as high as x 32. Each multiplier doubles the previous level.
  • The Explosivo Wild symbol is the rock ‘n roll deadhead who blows up 8 surrounding symbols for a chance to win bigger prizes.
  • There are no visible reels or paylines, you simply watch the deadheads roll forward towards you.

On Mobile

Esqueleto Exsplosivo slot game has been fully optimised for mobile smartphones and tablets. You can enjoy it on the go, whenever you feel like celebrating with The Boners.

Game Stats

Jackpot No
Wild Feature Explosivo Wild
Paylines Fixed 17
Free Spins no
Special Feature Mucho Multiplier

Don’t let this band of loco mariachis get away – Play Esqueleto Explosivo slot NOW!


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