A Nightmare on Elm Street Slot

a nightmare on elm street jackpot slot machine


1, 2, Freddy's coming for you! Hide from the horror and don't fall asleep in the action packed Nightmare on Elm Street video slot machine. Stay one step ahead of Freddy Kruger as you try to survive the night and fight your way to one of two killer progressive jackpots!
wild scatter win at a nightmare on elm street slot
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With its wicked layout and interface, the Nightmare on Elm Street online slot will keep your heart pounding in more ways than one. Keep Freddy out of your dreams during incredible mini games, and unlocked huge prizes and multipliers in the all-new “Pick Me” bonus rounds. Hit the reels and send the nightmare back to the underworld


The Nightmare on Elm Street online slot features not one but two progressive jackpots! The Freddy Krueger Jackpot and Nightmare on Elm Street Jackpot are both randomly triggered progressives that do not require specific symbol combinations. Both jackpots feature a 1% growth rate of game bets and are refilled with a set amount of seed money after progressive hits and winnings are paid out.


  • This video slot has 5 reels up to 30 paylines.
  • Free Spins are the name of the game! Trigger the following Scatter symbols to activate:
    • Hit 3 Scatter symbols to earn 10 free spins.
    • Hit 4 Scatter symbols to earn 20 free spins.
    • Hit 5 scatter symbols to earn 30 free spins.
  • Scatter symbols are valid anywhere on the reels.

Placing Bets

The Nightmare on Elm Street features a unique interface that players might not be instantly familiar with. You can change your bet amounts by clicking the < or > buttons in the “BET” section. Adjust the number of total paylines by clicking the < or > buttons in the “LINE” section or by selecting the numbers directly on the sides of the reels. Select “MAX LINES” to automatically activate the maximum number of playable lines. Click the “SPIN” button to begin the round.

Expanding Wild

Give Freddy a taste of his own medicine with the Expanding Wild. Whenever a Wild symbol appears on reel 3, it expands to cover all of the positions on the reel, which automatically doubles the wins received on the paylines.

Pick Me Game

When the Wild symbol appears at the same time anywhere on reels 1 and 5, players have the chance to play the Pick Me game. Two Pick Me symbols will pop up on the reels. Players must click on one of the symbols to reveal their prize. After the prize is awarded, the game may allow the player to select another Pick Me symbol for even more prizes. All Pick Me prizes are then added to the total payline win amount.

Never Sleep Again Bonus Game

Land 3 Bonus symbols on any of the 2,3,4 reels to enter in to the Never Sleep Again bonus game. Keep your distance from Freddy through 4 levels as players are tasked with selecting an item that will help keep them awake and prevent Freddy from entering their dreams. Each item contains a value, with the amount of bonus prize awarded determined from that value.

Game terminology for buttons and displays:

SPIN (or play button): Start the next round of action.
LINES: The total number of lines in play. In most games this can be adjusted by using the arrow (“< >”) or plus/minus (“+ -”) keys.
BET: The current bet amount per line. In most games this can be adjusted by using the arrow (“< >”) or plus/minus (“+ -”) keys.
MAX BET: Automatically wager the maximum possible bet based on current coin value and # of active paylines (depending on the game).
TOTAL BET: The total amount to be wagered in the next spin (calculated by the # of active paylines and bet per line amount).
LEVEL: Normally available in levels 1 through 10 (and sometimes differently), this setting adjusts the number of coins wagered in a round, with level 1 being the lowest number of coins and 10 being the highest. Not available in all games.
AUTOPLAY: Activate computer play mode, where the computer plays your spins on your behalf. In most games you can set the number of autoplay rounds to x10, x25, x50 or x75.
PAYTABLE (i): Displays all winning combinations and payouts available for current game.
PAID: Amount of winnings to be paid to player during a winning round.
JACKPOT: In progressive jackpot games, the current jackpot amount will be shown here.


  • The wild symbol substitutes for any symbol, except for Scatter and Bonus.
  • A free spin will play the same bet per line as the original game.
  • 4 wilds or less do not pay anything by themselves. 5 wilds multiply the bet per line by 10.000.
  • It is possible to win additional free spins during free spin rounds.
  • All symbols pay left to right on consecutive reels of an active payline (starting with the leftmost reel) except the Scatter and Bonus symbols.
  • All wins are multiplied by the bet per line, except for Scatter and Bonus.
  • Bonus and Pick Me game wins are paid in addition to payline wins.
  • Only the highest win will be paid on each of the active paylines.
  • To view the video slot machine's different winning combinations and special features click the Paytable or Info buttons on the slot’s button panel.
  • You may verify your total win amount in the 'Paid' display window.
  • The amounts shown in any screen or display during the game are always in the SAME CURRENCY as the player's balance, regardless if the currency sign is actually shown or not.
  • Wins on different pay lines are added together.
  • You can use the Autoplay option to have the computer spin for you. Select the number of spins by clicking the -/+ buttons (or < and >) or (depending on the game) choose a predefined number, and click on Autoplay. You can stop Autoplay at any time. Autoplay pauses for bonus rounds and free spins.
  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

On Mobile

The slot machine game rules apply for mobile as well.
On mobile the bet is determined for total bet – there is no denomination selection per line.

For the full and official game instructions go here.

Game Stats

RTP 94.50% Jackpot Yes
Paylines 30 Free Spins Yes
Max Bet 10 Wild Feature Yes
Min Bet 0.01 Special Feature Never Sleep Again


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