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The Slot Races

888casino is excited to announce the arrival of the most thrilling, action-packed and bonus-loaded casino tournament that online gaming has seen… yes, the Slot Races are here, along with triumphant Bonuses, Free Spins and FreePlay Rewards and even Cash Prizes that are up for grabs! This high-speed racing sensation has taken slot machines to a whole new level and you are invited to take part! Are you ready for the race of your life?!


So what are the Slot Races all about? Imagine playing one of your all-time favourite slots. As you’re happily spinning away, you realise that you are not spinning alone! In fact, an entire leader-board of slot machine-loving opponents, playing the very same game, are competing against you for a prize! You’re all in a race! A race to see who can accumulate the most points before the time is up! Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Not only do you get to spin on all the best slots that 888casino has to offer, but you also get to win extra bonuses and prizes as you go. Because when you participate in the Slot Races, whoever makes it through the finishing line first, wins the victory cup and winning prize! Haven’t you always dreamed of standing on that sporting podium with a winning cup in your hand?! Well here’s your chance to be the racing champ you always knew you were!


The Slot Races are not just about being the fastest spinner – each and every Slot Race is jam-packed with point-boosting features, such as “Monster Win” and “Super Booster” which will help to catapult you into the lead! For added on-the-edge-of-your-chair excitement, all the way throughout the race, you will see a mini leader-board of players that you’re competing against to show you what you’re up against. What an incredible incentive to push you up to that 1st place position! It doesn’t get more thrilling than that!


You are most definitely onto a winner when you compete in 888casino’s Slot Races! Each race has fantastic prizes that are up for grabs. Depending on how many points you win in the race, you could be the proud winner of FreePlay, Free Spins and Bonuses Rewards and even Cash prizes! Things certainly never get dull at the Slot Races and it’s fair to say that the prizes are as thrilling as the races themselves!


So what are you waiting for? The race track is ready for you, along with the most entertaining slot machines around! The completion is hot and the points are ready to be racked up. The only question that remains to be answered is - Who will make it to the finishing line first? READY, SET…..GO RACE!!!!
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