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snack time vending machine slot


Prepare for the ultimate vending machine experience with Snack Time, a colorful and exciting online slot from 888casino that is bursting at the seams with huge combo payouts and unique challenges. Snack Time throws away the traditional payline format and instead encourages players to think outside the box, with five exclusive winning combinations designed to maximize your winning potential!
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snack time slot playing on mobile
Tasty Pick Me bonus games and not one but two simultaneous jackpots are just behind the glass waiting to give you the treat of a lifetime. Gorgeous graphics and a catchy soundtrack will keep you glued to the casino slots for hours on end until you finally get the snack you've been waiting for to feed your appetite for big winnings.


Snack Time has two active jackpots. Both jackpots have a growth rate of 1% of game bets and do not require symbol combinations to trigger a win. As always, the higher the bet amount, the higher the overall chance of activating a jackpot. Once either jackpot is hit, seed money is instantly placed back in to the game to replenish the jackpot for the next rounds.


This video slot has 5 reels and no paylines.
A new way to play! Winnings for Snack Time are based on one to five possible combinations instead of paylines.
Bets are placed using the arrow “< >” icons under the BET logo. Click SPIN to begin a round.

Pick Me Bonus

It’s time for prizes! When two Pick Me symbols appear simultaneously anywhere on reels 1 and 5, the Pick Me game will be activated. Pick one of the Pick Me symbols to reveal your prize. Pick Me prizes are calculated as a multiplication of the total bet and are added to the combo wins (see combo information below).

Icon Combinations

Special icon combinations pay anywhere they show up on a reel and in any direction. Multiple combinations may appear at once and award prizes for each combo, plus will grant their respective automatic re-spins.

Super Combo

Land two combos in one spin and you’ll activate the Super-Combo. A Super-Combo triggers one free re-spin, and all re-spin wins are added to the total Super-Combo win.

Mega Combo

Land three combos in one spin and you’ll activate the Mega-Combo. A Mega-Combo triggers two free re-spins, and all re-spin wins are added to the total Mega-Combo win.

Super-Mega Combo

The ultimate bonus! Land four or more combos in one spin and you’ll activate the Super-Mega-Combo. A Super-Mega-Combo triggers three free re-spins, and all re-spin wins are added to the total Super-Mega-Combo win.

Game terminology for buttons and displays:

SPIN (or play button): Start the next round of action.
LINES: The total number of lines in play. In most games this can be adjusted by using the arrow (“< >”) or plus/minus (“+ -”) keys.
BET: The current bet amount per line. In most games this can be adjusted by using the arrow (“< >”) or plus/minus (“+ -”) keys.
MAX BET: Automatically wager the maximum possible bet based on current coin value and # of active paylines (depending on the game).
TOTAL BET: The total amount to be wagered in the next spin (calculated by the # of active paylines and bet per line amount).
LEVEL: Normally available in levels 1 through 10 (and sometimes differently), this setting adjusts the number of coins wagered in a round, with level 1 being the lowest number of coins and 10 being the highest. Not available in all games.
AUTOPLAY: Activate computer play mode, where the computer plays your spins on your behalf. In most games you can set the number of autoplay rounds to x10, x25, x50 or x75.
PAYTABLE (i): Displays all winning combinations and payouts available for current game.
PAID: Amount of winnings to be paid to player during a winning round.
JACKPOT: In progressive jackpot games, the current jackpot amount will be shown here.


  • More than one combination can appear in a single spin, granting concurrent wins and re-spins.
  • More re-spins and Super/Mega combos can occur inside a re-spin session.
  • Re-spins are played on the bet value of the triggered game.
  • Max Re-spins is three for four combos or more.
  • Bet is total bet and not bet per line.
  • To view the different winning combinations and special features click Paytable (“i”) on the machine's buttons panel.
  • It is possible to verify the total win amount by viewing the Total Win display window.
  • You can also use the Autoplay option to have the computer spin for you. Choose the number of spins you want to play from the control panel. You can select x10, x25, x50, x75 spins. You can stop Autoplay at any time by re-pressing the Spin button or the Autoplay symbol. Autoplay stops for Free Spins.
  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

On mobile:

The game rules apply for mobile as well.
The Paytable is accessible via the settings button.

For the full and official game instructions go here.

Game Stats

RTP 94.98% Jackpot Yes
Paylines Combinations Free Spins Yes
Max Bet 250 Wild Feature Yes
Min Bet 0.25 Special Feature Pick Me Bonus


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