I want to tell you about my fresh new system. But systems descriptions are boring – at least they are to me. So let me spice things up a little by sharing with you some of my notes over the three months I spent developing it. Nothing too scientific, no sophisticated programs, no million spins tests, nothing fancy. Just good, old fashioned, pen and paper notes and calculations.


The system is called 4 Pillars. It is build around the 14-15-17-18 corner bet. These four powerful roulette numbers are the pillars of the system. I could talk for hours about the personality of each roulette number, but this is beyond the scope of this article. I just want to point out that this specific corner bet, this set of four numbers, is carefully selected from the 23 possible corner bets of the live roulette table. I know that talking about the personality of roulette numbers may seem absurd. Though since I do believe that each roulette number has specific characteristics, I will go on and explain a bit the character of these numbers. After all these are the notes of a madman.

Number profiles

  • Number 14: Low, Red, Even. Part of the Orphelins bet. Just a normal, common number number. A feminine number with the most ordinary personality of the four. It could have been any number, it just happened to complete the corner bet together with the rest three powerful numbers.
  • Number 15: Low, Black, Odd. A serious number. Dependable – rarely missing for too long. Near to zero on the European wheel. It is part of the “zero play” and “Voisins du zero” bets. Capable of repeats.
  • Number 17: Low, Black, Odd. A prime number. The superstar of roulette. On the center of the roulette table. Many player’s favorite number. Pillar of the Orphelins bet. Some Italians regard it as unlucky. It can easily get hot and produce repeats and hits in clusters.
  • Number 18: Low, Red, Even. A flamboyant number. Unpredictable. It can disappear for many spins, though it can also get hot and produce multiple wins in short time. Not many players bet on it. Belongs to the “Voisins du zero” numbers. In Chinese it resembles the words “going to prosper”. It pairs nicely with number 17 and number 15.

System requirements and specifications

Ok, the 4 numbers of the corner bet is the heart of the system, but I wasn’t satisfied to just bet a corner. Too much variance, too much risk, too little flexibility. My experience with the Kavouras bet has taught me how powerful and flexible a more complex bet selection can be. At the same time I found Kavouras to be just a bit more complex than I wanted – it consists of 7 different bets. It is not always very easy to lay down 7 different bets on a crowded roulette table.

Here are the requirements I set to myself for my new strategy:

  • The 14-15-17-18 corner is the centerpiece of the bet selection.
  • Be easier to lay or call the bets on the table than Kavouras
    This means that it should consist of less than 7 bets
  • Require less than 8 units for the initial bet
    Kavouras’ initial bet required 8 units. For my new system, I tried to lower the cost of the initial bet. This means lower bankroll requirements; or that with the new system, the same bankroll will provide more headroom.
  • Offer the powerful flexibility of Kavouras.
    The new system should keep the key characteristic of Kavouras: betting various numbers with varying amounts. Not all numbers are bet the same. Obviously, the 4 main numbers should be bet higher.
  • Diminish the “near miss” phenomenon.
    When one focuses on a few numbers it is absolutely disconcerting to see his numbers miss again and again wile the numbers which are right next to his numbers on the wheel hit often. I call this the “near miss” phenomenon. The only way to avoid the nerve-wrecking effect of this situation is to also cover the neighboring numbers. The drawbacks to this are:
    a) one has to bet more units, making the play more expensive
    b) it changes the focus of the bet from the 4 main numbers to other numbers.
    The (partial) solution to this issue is to bet the supporting numbers less that we bet the main numbers.

Final bet selection

1 unit on 4-5-6-7-8-9 double-street (when hit you get even)
1 unit on 25-26-27-28-29-30 double-street (when hit you get even)
1 unit on 31-32-34-35 corner (when hit pays 3 units profit)
1 unit on 19-20-22-23 corner (when hit pays 3 units profit)
2 units on 14-15-17-18 corner (when hit pays 12 units profit)

Units needed: 6
Numbers played: 24
12 numbers produce neither profit nor loss
8 numbers produce 3 units profit
4 numbers produce 12 units profit

Can a madman create a good roulette system? This is the question.
The 4 Pillars bet. Numbers are market according to their payouts.
Long red: 12 units profit
Short red: 3 units profit
White: 0 units profit
Black: 6 units loss
bet selection
The 4 numbers and their neighbors


  • This is a very high coverage system.
  • Only 13 numbers can make you lose and your loss will be 6 units.
  • 12 numbers get you even. These are our safety numbers.
  • The focus remain on the 14-15-17-18 cornet. This is where the money is.
  • In order to avoid “near-misses” the 8 numbers on the right and left of the main 4 numbers on the European wheel, are also covered. Six of those neighboring numbers produce 3 units profit and the rest two get us even.

Appearances, statistics and probabilities

  • Chance to Win 12 Units: 1 per 9,3 spins or 11%
  • Chance to Win 3 Units: 1 per 4,6 spins or 22%
  • Chance to Lose 6 Units: 1 per 2,8 spins or 35%
4 pillars stats
Above: A graphical representation of the average expectation of wins, losses and getting even in 37 spins.
Below: Probabilities to win or lose

Questions and Answers

Question: Do you consider this a better bet selection than the Kavouras bet?
Answer: Yes I do. Theoretically. This is completely new and not yet (September 2016) tested extensively in real world conditions. I have used Kavouras in real casinos with real money for months and I didn’t fail me. Four Pillars strategy has not passed the test of time yet.

Question: What progression (wagering plan) do you use?
Answer: I’m not ready to fully disclose that info at this time. To the handful of players who know the betting plan of Kavouras bet, i can tell that this strategy uses a very similar betting plan. The same principles apply.

Question: Do you sell the full system?
Answer: No. If I ever sell a system it would be the Kavouras bet. If you study the Kavouras bet full system, then you will have a pretty good idea how to use this one too.

Question: You already have a successful system, why create a new one?
Answer: Because I enjoy doing so. Believe it or not having a successful roulette system is not the end of the road. I want to go further, to do it again, to repeat the feat. The aim is to hopefully create an even better system, that fits my current playing style by putting to good use the knowledge and experience I gained from Kavouras bet. Yes, I already have a personal system I fully trust, yet I spend a lot of time and energy to create a new one. I fully enjoy the challenge and the creativity involved. Call me restless. After all I’m a Sagittarius.