Henry Tamburin

Henry Tamburin Ph.D

Henry Tamburin is one of world’s most respected blackjack experts and a world-class player. He is the author of the Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Guide, and Blackjack: Take The Money and Run. He edited the monthly Blackjack Insider Newsletter, and was a featured blackjack columnist for Casino Player magazine, Midwest Gaming and Travel magazine, Gaming South magazine, Southern Gaming magazine, New England Gaming News, Jackpot, Bingo Bugle, and Casino City Times.

He has appeared on numerous gaming shows on the Travel Channel and A&E network, and has been a guest on hundreds of radio shows. Tamburin is also a skilled blackjack tournament player, and an invited guest at the prestigious Blackjack Ball, an annual gathering of blackjack professionals.  He has taught thousands of players how to get the edge at blackjack in his seminars, card-counting classes, newspaper and magazine articles, and on his websites (smartgaming.com and bjinsider.com).

Besides is prowess at blackjack, Tamburin is also a skilled video poker and craps player. His column on video poker playing strategies appeared monthly in Strictly Slots magazine, and he also authored these books: Ten Best Casino Bets; Craps: Take the Money and Run; Henry Tamburin on Casino Gambling; and Winning Baccarat Strategies.    

Henry Tamburin earned a Bachelor of Science and Ph.D. degrees in chemistry and worked as a production and technical manager for an International Chemical company for 27 years while pursuing his avocation as a part-time professional blackjack player. 

A Primer on How to Tip a Blackjack Dealer

Many blackjack players would like to tip a blackjack dealer but they don’t know how to go about doing it. In this article I will show you several ways to do it, including my favorite. 

First let me address the question I often get from players about tipping.

 “Why tip blackjack dealers since they get paid for dealing?” 

Henry Tamburin Ph.D
May 2, 2019

2019 Blackjack Ball: the Inside Scoop (Part 2)

As promised, at the end of this article you will find the questions with answers to the challenging 21-question test given to the elite blackjack pros at the 2019 Blackjack Ball. Give yourself one point for each correct answer. (If you got 15 or more correct, you did better than all the blackjack pros that took the test.) 

(Note: Several active players listed below used pseudonyms to protect their identity.)

Henry Tamburin Ph.D
April 7, 2019