Mastering roulette is a long and lonely road. We will help you keep going. With original ideas, well-thought-out strategies, truthful confessions and experienced guidance, we will be your companion in your pilgrimage to randomness.

Roulette 30 is more than just a source of knowledge with ready made recipes. It’s about creative thinking and developing a new attitude. To understand not only probability or the physics of the wheel, but also the underlying philosophy and psychology of the game. And find the inspiration to move forward in your exciting journey.

Roulette 30 is different than any other roulette site. It’s personal, it’s real, it’s witty and it sticks its neck out. We say it like it is and put our money where our mouth is. We are true roulette players. We played, tested, lost and won. And we are still here to tell the story, share the knowledge and inspire you to take your game to the next level. Free.

Whether you are a novice who wants to learn the rules of the roulette or an experienced player who wants to become a pro gambler, we have you covered. As for December 2018, Roulette30 has officially join 888casino family and you will be able to find all of our posts here or at the roulette strategy section. 

How we stay alive

Ioannis Kavouras created Roulette 30 in 2010 first and foremost as a project of love and passion. Monetary gains were never a concern. This is still our philosophy: “for the love of the game”. However, although we would prefer from an aesthetics point not to, we do run casino ads on our site. We do this for two reasons.

  1. They provide us with some income to compensate the ever increasing time, effort and resources we invest on this project.
  2. They promote really good online casino venues. Honest companies with a great selection of fair live and 3d roulette games and fast withdrawal times. We constantly review and evaluate our advertisers so we can offer you the best choices if you want to play roulette online.

How we are different

Most roulette sites out there are in essence casino portal sites that provide some basic info about roulette as an afterthought and as an excuse to appear in search results. They were created with the sole purpose of making money with affiliate casino links. Their owners have no idea about roulette and their contents are copied and paraphrased from somewhere else. And there are also those “roulette expert sites” in which all the content serves only one purpose: to convince you to buy their “winning system”.

There’s nothing wrong trying to make a buck from your site. Everyone would like that, me included. But when your driving force is making money from roulette players and you have no real knowledge or love for the game, then naturally your site will be either a casino promotion prospect with thin real content or even worse a sales pitch about your method of winning full of misinformation and false promises.

Roulette 30 is different. Thanks for reading.

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