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Common Craps Bets

Never played craps, but want to give it a try? Here’s a look ats one of the more common bets in the game and how to make them.
Henry Tamburin Ph.D
March 22, 2022

The Best Craps Strategy Tips

Craps gives you one of the best shots to win among casino games.

When betting pass plus odds or don’t pass plus free odds, the house edge can be measured in tenths of a percent. Even if you don’t bet the odds, casino games offer few better deals than the 1.4 percent house edge on don’t pass or don’t come, 1.41 percent on pass or come, or 1.52 percent when placing 6 or 8.

John Grochowski
March 3, 2020

Smart Craps Bets

There are hosts of ways to play the game of craps. Most of them call for a great number of bets, perhaps using the Pass Line, the Come bets, the Place bets of the 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, and a serious number of Crazy Crapper bets including the Hardways, the C&E, the Horn, the Whirl, the Field, and all the possible combinations of single numbers straight up. In addition, with new “jackpot” type bets such as the Fire Bet, players can have a huge amount of money on the layout.

Frank Scoblete
January 20, 2020

Crapless Craps: All You Need to Know as a Craps Player

What is Crapless Craps? Among possible comeout rolls, only four are losers for pass bettors in craps: the one way to make 2, the one way to make 12 and the two ways to make 3. What if there were no losing numbers on the comeout? What if the craps numbers were point numbers? Then you could win on the comeout, but you couldn’t lose. That’s the way it works in Crapless Craps, sometimes called Never Ever Craps

John Grochowski
February 24, 2019