Many offline casinos don’t allow Baccarat bettors to bet on both Banker and Player at the same time. At first thought you might think it rather odd and self-defeating to back both sides; I mean you’d be winning on one and losing on the other. And of course, you’d be losing commission on the winning portion of your Banker wager upon each Banker outcome.

So, what’s the point you might well ask, and is there a baccarat strategy within this tactic that might just pay off? The point is you don’t back both sides all the way through a Shoe. You bet on both sides up to the point where you get to secure profits from the side that goes in front first; as early as possible. And then continue backing the remaining side to try and secure further profits.  


I haven’t seen any gamblers attempt this on a Baccarat table save I’ve tried to place these kinds of bets at an offline casino and was told in no uncertain terms that it wasn’t permitted… This got me thinking.  

Following lengthy analyses, I discovered there’s in fact a feasible System when betting on both sides and I’m going to explain just how it works. It’s well worth trying, and at the very least you’re hardly going to lose a lot on the Shoes it doesn’t always work on. But it does seem to work on many of the Baccarat Shoes I’ve examined so allow a Baccarat Pro to explain why and how this method works in practice. 


In my stock market, spread betting past, I learnt it’s common to take two positions. For instance, at the official close of trading (16:30 hrs) on weekdays, the FTSE 100 continues to be traded overnight except on weekends. During those 24 hours i.e. until the following official close of trading, the price movement can fall and then rise or vice versa from the previous closing price. 

If you know the Average range of each gain, whether you’re Buying (going long) = the price is going up or Selling (going short) = the price is going down, you’d be able to make money by opening two opposite trade.

Simply put, you would cash out on one side/trade when the price moved a certain amount in one direction and hold your position on the remaining side/trade until that side realised a profit. You can cash out when it goes up and/or down and if it climbs just one way you can end your weak trade and continue to profit from whatever direction the price moves in. Of course, trading is a bit more complex than playing Baccarat since price movements can fluctuate quite a lot, although you can apply stop losses. 

Essentially, the central idea can be applied to the game of Baccarat. Just visualise, ‘going up or down’ in trading as betting on Banker or Player (whatever way round you prefer it doesn’t matter). The only real difference with trading the markets, is when the price movement goes against you, your bet is still open (if you decide to hold that position) whereas in Baccarat, when an outcome goes against you, you’ve lost that bet. It thus follows that you need to implement stop losses.


So, because Baccarat is very similar to trading the markets here’s how it can be put into action, since in live Baccarat there’s nothing preventing you from betting on both Banker and Player at the same time, anytime you choose to. And often each side scores 3+ outcomes ahead of the other side at certain points during a Shoe. 

In fact, there’s over a 90% chance that one side in Baccarat will reach 3+ outcome units more than the other side. (Check this out for yourself by login in to your 888casino account)

This is all you need to make a nice tidy profit with minimal risk. The concept of this System is that you gain value from each side as soon as the outcomes favour one side and correct to the break even and then the weaker side makes a comeback. Because there generally will be a stronger side that shows itself first. But you can never be sure what side that will be so better to be backing it at an early stage. 

In using stop losses, there’s approximately a 70% chance the remaining side will recover, fightback and make it to 3+ unit outcomes over the side that made 3+ unit outcomes first. 


STEP 1: Bet from the start of the shoe. Bet on both Banker and Player before the very first outcome shows on the scoreboard. If one side wins three times in a row, suspend betting on the losing side until it becomes an outcome again, then resume betting on that weaker side. 

Tip: You should always flat bet on both sides. It becomes far too complex to increase your wagers at any point and there’s no need to. If you want to win more simply increase your flat wagers from the start. 

STEP 2: Continue until one side goes ahead of the other side by 3 outcomes. Continue until one side goes ahead of the other side by three outcomes. Keep an eye on the scoreboard; total number of Banker and Payer outcomes. So, if Player is winning 4x outcomes and Banker 7x outcomes, stop betting on Banker if your chip count indicates you’re up by 3+ units on that Banker side. 

Then continue betting on Player following the next appearance of Player. You would’ve stopped betting the Banker altogether having reached your 3+ unit wins. Ideally at an early stage so that you hadn’t paid too much Banker commission for the times you won on Banker.  

Remember in Baccarat, commission is only deducted on the win amount not the wager. So, if you bet $10 on Banker and win $10, 5% commission (50c) is only deducted from $10 not $20. 

STEP 3: Continue betting on the remaining side, (example, Player as in step two) and again suspend betting if the Banker side scores three times in a row; because, although you’re no longer betting on Banker, it can still influence your betting decisions in terms of the ‘three in a row stop loss rule.’ Resume betting when Player becomes an outcome again. 

You want to see the remaining side (in this instance the Player) make a comeback; a ‘streak-swing’ against the side that made it to 3+ unit wins first, so that Player evens the score and then goes in front. When Player has reached 3+ units wins over the Banker (Again check the scoreboard and your bankroll) you stop betting on that Shoe having profited by 3+ unit wins on each side! 

So, you should be 6+ unit wins in profit, less the amount of Banker commissions you would’ve paid. 


In the worst-case scenario, when the outcomes struggle to cause either side to breakout into a 3+ lead, (or moreover the remaining side struggles to fightback) you should set your overall stop loss to 6- plus the Banker commission that totals 1 unit. Thus, don’t allow yourself to lose more than 7- units max. 

Many Shoes workout for this System, so I wouldn’t expect too many Shoes causing this System to fail. But nevertheless, having a game ending stop loss in place is a good money management plan to protect your bankroll against unfruitful Shoes because you will encounter some.  

Tip: Why do I write 3+ unit wins should be your target for each side and no more than this? Because the average number of one side scoring more outcomes over the other side is not much more than this my research has shown me. So, you want to be exiting a Shoe with your profits while you have the chance. 

Yes, okay you often see one side surging ahead well over 5+, sometimes by 10+ or even more than this. But the key to winning Baccarat is understanding that ‘averages matter,’ and this knowledge is going to be ‘your edge.’ 

Going against this knowledge; allowing greed to step you outside of the rules of this System means that you run the risk of winning and then losing what you’ve won, and this is when confusion kicks in.        

The longer the Shoes i.e. 6 or 8 decks of cards the more the likelihood of you securing 3+ flat betting unit wins both on the Player and Banker sides. Though in many Shoes, one side should achieve 3+ units over the remaining side early on; as soon as one side breaks out into a mini or long streak. The streak size doesn’t need to be a long one for one side to sneak ahead. It could be as follows.

B B P B (B) P P B B P P P B P P P B P (P)

As you can see above, Banker reached 3+ unit wins over Player by the 5th outcome merely forming double outcomes against a single outcome. And by the 19th outcome Player secured its 3+ unit wins. 

When you next login to your 888casino account you can sit back and view some Baccarat Shoe outcomes taking place to determine whether the likelihood of this System is one you might like to try out for real. 

Stephen R. Tabone is an English Writer from Great Britain. He is a casino games professional pattern player and outcomes systemiser. He is the Author of Bestselling Baccarat books, ‘The Ultimate Silver Bullet Proof Baccarat Winning Strategy 2.1’ and ‘The Ultimate Golden Secret Baccarat Winning Strategy 3.0’.

In 2011, Mr. Tabone earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours in Creative Writing and Philosophy from the University of Greenwich, London. And holds qualifications in Law and in Business.