The "Holy Rollers" were a Church-based blackjack card counting team operating out of the Pacific Northwest. Recently, a documentary was released describing their remarkable success. A few weeks back I was privileged to have one of the founders of the Holy Rollers, Colin Jones, contact me to tell me how he and a friend beat the Slingo Bonus Bet 21 blackjack side bet by using the counting systems I posted on this blog. Colin's account provides a strong warning to those who doubt that blackjack side bets can be high-level targets.

I was fortunate to meet Colin last month at the World Game Protection Conference, where he was a keynote speaker. Colin impressed me with his eloquence and his keen intelligence. When Colin asked if I would write a guest article for his blog on the mathematics behind Don Johnson's rout of Atlantic City, I got right to work.

To read my guest post on Colin Jones' Blackjack Apprenticeship website, follow this link: Don Johnson: How He Did It

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