Want to gamble some money, especially from the comfort of your home? Well, it’s utterly possible. Visit, Online Casinos; they’re colorful, dramatic, and theatrical. Once you experience their stellar taste, you feel like a tap-dancing penguin; enthralled by their magnetic variety. However, the interesting thing is, for some people, it’s just a home of entertainment; while for others, it’s a pure, professional business; they believe, in order to dominate this giant entertainment, one has to know something that no one else knows…

In reality, online casinos are becoming larger-than-life. These days, they’re drawing attention and mesmerizing even those who don’t take interest in gambling. Though, it’s easy for the experienced players to perceive the highs and lows of this game, but for a novice, it’s almost utterly impossible. There are a million things that matter and can baffle anyone rather easily. Therefore, today, I’ve designed this guide for you, chiefly for the beginners, so that you can comprehend everything, regarding online casinos, and play rather securely, without burning the holes in your wallets.

Before I unravel the latent knowledge of online casinos, first, it’s pertinent to mention that, like the real casinos, they also have various dimensions. In fact, more dimensions than the actual casinos. They’re using their own appropriate programs, and some are setting their own rules of the games. Therefore, it’s better to canvass the rules before investing any kind of money. Though, there won’t be any massive difference, but it’s still better to test the waters, rather than fading yourself into the background, with wrong investment. A before you start gambling, especially on roulette, be sure to check these great tips for online gambling.

Now, let’s delve deeper into the thrilling lands of casinos and converse regarding those pieces which are the most important and demand our attention.

So, are you ready to try an Online Casino? Begin by understanding the 6 advantages and 11 disadvantages of online casinos.

Online Casino Types

As you hope for the big jackpot in Vegas, online casinos also do their best to offer those perks which can keep your hopes up for the jackpot. Though, they don’t have bright lights, sound of jackpot coins, and the free drinks, but they have all types of bonuses which, sometimes, make them burn more brightly than the actual casinos. And, believe it or not, these bonuses frequently attract the elite gamblers as well.

The online casinos can be divided into two main groups – The Web Based Online Casinos and Download Based Online Casinos. But, there are some casinos that offer these both interfaces. It’s immensely important to understand these types before opening your wallets, as each type can make a significant difference in your game, and hand you unexpected results… So, first, allow me to explain web-based online casinos, and show you how they’re different than other types, and how you can turn their unique features in your favor.

The web-based online casinos are also famous as “Flash Casinos”; you don’t have to download any software, just log in and browser plug-in, such as, Flash, Shockwave, and Java would support all the graphics, sounds, and animation so that you can start relishing the games straight away, without any hurdle. However, remember that the browser should support these plugins; if they won’t, you’d be in a great trouble.

On the other hand, the download-based casinos are a tad unusual; they require you to download the specific software, which, in a way, connects you to the casino service provider, and facilitate you in handling the contacts without the browser support. Apart from this, the download-based casinos also perform faster than the web-based online casinos, as their software handles the graphics and sounds, rather than impel your device to download them each second from the internet. But, on the whole, there is one hitch as well, the download and installation do take some time, especially if you’re a novice.

Online Gambling Market

How many people are addicted to online gambling? Do you have any idea? Well, if you search the online-gambling market, you’ll realize its monstrous power. At 2010, a worldwide study estimated that it’s a 29.3 billion dollar industry, and it’s expanding like a lightning speed with its fresh business every day. In addition, though, its users are around 173 million, but a careful estimation exhibits that one of its five users is pathological.

According to Elena Holodny report in Business Insider, the online gaming industry could be a $5.2 billion industry by 2020. This is enough to demonstrate that this wildly-expanding business is, in fact, more powerful than some rich states. And, it has more hardcore followers than any other game. But, one may ask, what’s the secret? Why, sometimes, it’s that powerful? Well, there are various aspects, actually, but the main thing is, unlike offline casinos, you don’t play for fun, you just play for earning bundles of cash.

When you visit the offline casino, you’re generally there to have fun, alone or with your friends. On a subconscious level, fun and free drinks are more important than winning some cash. However, when you’re sitting on the hot seat, in front of your computer, and analyzing every move of the game, with immense focus, in detail, you’re planning to make some serious money. The mind state changes; you play just for the profits; you desire to emerge as a victor in each game. Besides, there isn’t any social pressure; you can take your time, and play the game, according to your will.

There is another factor too, that has caused this rise of the online casino industry… And, it’s “Alternative Source of Income.” Various people spend safe investment on it, and indeed are keeping the online gaming as their alternative source of income. For them, it’s easy, fun, and profitable. And, the best part is, it doesn’t require much time, you get results in mere minutes, and spend a great time with your family as well.

Online Casino Games

The online casinos offer various games to their users. For instance, “Roulette”. In the land-based casino, it’s just small wheel, which you spin to win. However, in this game, it doesn’t matter whether you’re playing offline, or online, all you need is to perceive and master the bets; you need to calculate the formulas and see how things work. Or else, it would drag you, challenge your pockets… Especially, if you’re playing roulette online, set the levels; once you feel you’re crossing the levels, end the game – immediately, as it’s immensely addictive, and it’s utterly tough to leave the chair, once you’re on the winning course. And before even starting to bet real money test, test and test your strategy with these free roulette spins.

Next, Online Poker is, of course, one of the most popular games online. According to the statistics, online poker is the main weapon that boosted the business of this industry. Its latent authority grew revenues from $82.7 million to $2.4 billion in just four years. If you aren’t an expert in this game, it can intimidate you. However, it’s not that tough to master. Once you learn the highs and lows of this beast, you relish it more than all the other online games; you feel like a professional gambler. Besides, the most of the elites also prefer this game, as it hands them some power; it doesn’t entirely depends on their luck.

Apart from this, there are various other major games as well, such as, Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Slot Machines, Keno, Bingo, and etc. All are exclusive and unique in their own way. For instance, some games focus on welcome bonuses in order to lure new users, while others draw attention with the referral bonuses, or comp points. In addition, in the online regime, some games offer non-cashable bonuses as well. They do that in order to keep the users in their web. Therefore, if some bonus is luring you, it’s better to verify it – utterly.

Online Gambling Facts

  • In August, 1996, the first online casino was launched – with eighteen games.
  • The poker tournaments on the internet, actually, made Texas Hold’em poker huge.
  • The average age of an online male gambler is 33, while the average age of an online female gambler is 29.
  • Blackjack is the most popular game in the online casinos.
  • According to surveys, more than 80 percent of the people believe that online gambling should be legal in all states.
  • Roulette is the oldest casino game.
  • Online casinos have opened the opportunities for women as well. The statistics reveal that the numbers of women are equal to the numbers of men (55% women, and 45% men). It is, probably, because playing at online casinos is not only safer but also convenient. Females don’t have to encounter the prying eyes and judging males.
  • Gambling was first legalized in Nevada, in 1931.
  • Three percent of our population are addictive gamblers.
  • According to researches, younger adults are more prone to engage in online gambling.
  • However, when it comes to free-online-gambling, mostly teenagers dominate the charts.
  • The developers of browsers are now pondering online casinos and paying attention to their software, in order to enhance their users’ experience, as they perceive that the online industry is under the spotlight and drawing exclusive attention.
  • Some professional gamblers believe that there are some set patterns that can facilitate you in winning the jackpots, but there isn’t any proof that can back their words.

Concluding Thoughts
Online Casino is a beast, and only a few can master it. However, once you understand its tad details, and become professional in it, you treat it like a pure business, rather than fun. And, it’s not only you. In fact, as I’ve said earlier, millions of users are treating online casinos as their alternate source of income, as it burns more brightly than other business, and doesn’t require so much effort. All you need is to perceive its labyrinths, and it will hand you some stellar results. The credible and professional online gamblers believe that online casinos are the cornerstones of power and the premier showman of the 21st century.