Too many people dismiss any creative thinking about roulette, on the basis that “no system can win, because the payout is not fair” (referring to the 2,7% house edge). They don’t understand that the house edge is just part of the problem called roulette, not the answer.

Imagine the engineer of the past to say that “steel weights more than air, so it is scientifically impossible to make a plane from steel that flies”.

That’s good math but bad problem solving. They just don’t understand that the mathematics that describe the problem are not the answer to the problem. There are many people who understand mathematics but are unable of creative thinking. They hide behind well known equations that have nothing new or interesting to offer.

Mathematician Nicolas Taleb once said that: “Mathematics is principally a tool to mediate, rather than to compute”.

Yet very often mathematics are used by many as a reason TO NOT THINK. They give you a false sense of security. Knowing to compute does not mean you understand or have everything under control. Feeling too sure and taking an equation as a gospel can prevent you from thinking creatively and taking the step forward.

Roulette is endless. There is much more to it than a few probability equations. You have NOT learn everything there is to learn. Be humble and stay always a student. And then you may find a way to win.

That’s what Kavouras taught me.

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