Casino personality test: What kind of gambler are you?Next time you visit a casino, refrain from the slots for just a couple of minutes. Take a seat, perhaps with your favorite drink, and have a look around. What do you see? Look past the flashing lights and glamorous waitresses. Look closer.

With a little observation, you can clearly identify the different types of gambler that haunt the casino tables. Sure, everyone is an individual, and all that, but you can definitely see the different motives that fly around the room. There are the hurried scrambles of the excited Newbie, as they race from one machine to another; the group of ladies, drunk and screaming loudly at the spin of a wheel; the dead pan expressions of slots players, who look like they might have been up all night, pulling the lever or pressing the buttons until their arms are too sore.

Have you ever really considered what category you might fall into? Take this fun casino personality test, to see whether you can call yourself a pro, are out for a laugh, or whether you just have more money than sense.

Simply choose the most suitable option for each of the questions below. Pick the one that best describes how you feel, and if you are really struggling, feel free to pick two. At the end, count up your numbers, and see which category you fall into. Each number corresponds to a type of gambler, so if you picked mostly number “1,” then you are a social gambler etc.

Answer these questions

Your Usual Reason To Visit The Casino?

  1. I only ever visit the casino with my friends, or to have fun.
  2. I visit the casino primarily to play the games.
  3. It is my job. I visit to make money.
  4. I visit when I get an impulse, or when I feel lucky.
  5. The live casino is a new and exciting environment for me.
  6. I love the sophistication, glamour, and the carefree attitude to money.
  7. The casino is a regular habit for me. I wouldn’t know where else to go.

How Would You Describe Your Bankroll?

  1. I go with a bit of money, as much as I would take on any night out. I bet it in small amounts, so it lasts.
  2. I take what I ca afford to take, and I play with large amounts when I think I can win.
  3. I play with a set bankroll, at defined stakes, and bet only where profit can be made.
  4. I bet when I feel lucky, on the numbers that I feel will win.
  5. I don’t really know. I just do whatever.
  6. I love to bet big. I don’t see the point in small bets. If I am going to gamble, I do it properly.
  7. I can’t control my bets. I often stay longer than I thought, and bet on one game for hours.

Which Of These Statements Is Most True For You?

  1. I rarely lose an amount of money that upsets me, or is beyond what I am happy to lose to have fun.
  2. I sometimes lose a large amount of money, sometimes more than I expected, but then again I have won more too. I would never cause myself serious harm.
  3. I have recorded evidence of long term profit from gambling. I could live off my earnings.
  4. I sometimes get unlucky and lose some money, but I don’t go to the casino often enough for this to affect me. I only play when I feel I am due a win, and this seems to work.
  5. I haven’t really played enough to know. I am fractions up, or fractions down.
  6. I don’t really care how much I lose. I love to be in the casino, playing the big stakes. It makes me excited. Sometimes I win big, sometimes I lose big. Swings and roundabouts.
  7. I have lost serious money gambling, and it has affected my life in a very negative way.

What is your betting strategy?

  1. What is a “betting strategy” anyway?
  2. I have devised a system with good results in excel.
  3. I couldn’t explain it to you in a sentence.
  4. I follow my instinct.
  5. Doubling up works nicely for me.
  6. The bankroll is more important than the system.
  7. Tried them all. Nothing works.

How Does It Make You Feel When You Lose Money?

  1. As long as I had a good time, it doesn’t matter to me.
  2. Pretty annoyed. I should have won!
  3. As long as I made a good decision, and a wise bet, I am completely indifferent.
  4. It mustn’t have been my lucky day.
  5. It’s so exciting, but I feel a bit down.
  6. I don’t care about the money. I’m ready for another spin straight away.
  7. I don’t even think about it anymore.

How Do You Feel When You Win Money?

  1. What a bonus! A fun night, and a bit of pocket money.
  2. Good. I deserved to win.
  3. Indifferent emotionally. What really matters is the decision. I need to win to get paid.
  4. My luck has finally paid off! I knew it was a good idea wearing my lucky socks.
  5. I am running around the room, expecting everyone to be happy for me.
  6. My courage was worth it. What a rush! I love it when the big bets pay off.
  7. I don’t really even think about it anymore.

When You Go Into A Casino…

  1. You do so with friends, or you speak to the other punters a lot.
  2. You focus on the game… the people don’t matter too much. Everyone knows who you are because you visit often, and you may be considered a regular.
  3. You hope there are bad players around to prey on. Some of the better players know you, and may avoid direct conflict
  4. You hope that there is no one else around as lucky as you.
  5. Nobody really knows who you are yet.
  6. Everyone knows you, and if they don’t, they will do by the end of the night.
  7. The regulars know you, and staff are attentive, even though you don’t go primarily to socialize.

When You Go Into A Casino, The First Thing You Are Most Likely To Do Is…

  1. Get a drink and have a chat.
  2. Get straight to a game.
  3. Scope out the tables, check the competition, and consider your options for profit.
  4. Get a seat at your lucky table, and pick your lucky numbers.
  5. Wander around trying to work out what is going on.
  6. Make an entrance, get a drink, and place a huge bet to get your heart going.
  7. Check to make sure no one is occupying your machine.

When You Enter A Casino You Feel…

  1. Like having a good time.
  2. Like playing some serious games.
  3. Like making some great profitable bets.
  4. Like getting lucky!
  5. Lost.
  6. Like King of the World.
  7. Like you are in your second home.

This is your gambler type

1. The ‘Price Of Entertainment’ Gambler

Also known as the social gambler, nothing stands in your way of a good time. You love to roll the dice, and spin the wheel, and you probably aren’t serious about making money, or about losing it. That said, you know your limits, and aren’t likely to lose an amount that will cause you any major problem.

Your favorite games are fun and fast, but involve some input. You may prefer card games, or you might like a quick hit, but you will usually play with friends, or play games which include more interaction.

The way you see it, the house edge is simply the price of entertainment. You are having a good time, and if you end up walking away with more money than you came with, then this is a bonus! You are disappointed when you lose, and you get excited when you win. That’s the way it should be, right? You might also indulge in some drinks or food with your gambling.

2. The ‘Serious’ Gambler

The serious gambler plays often, and sometimes for many hours. You are concerned for your win rate, and can be emotionally affected by the outcome of your game. A loss can cut you deep, and sometimes you can tend to lose more than you planned on doing. You have control though, and would never put yourself in debt through gambling; you are not by any means a problem gambler.

You are still entertained by gambling, though you don’t find it as fun as you used to. You frequent the tables often enough that people know who you are, and you might enjoy the community spirit, though when it comes to the game… you are deadly serious. You are likely to scorn people who you perceive to be making an incorrect move, especially if you play poker or blackjack. They should know better, in your eyes. Gambling is not a game!

3. The Pro Gambler

You are a professional gambler. You have made money from gambling, and it is your main source of income. Completely different to the problem gambler, or even the serious gambler, you really know your stuff, inside and out. Mathematics is no problem for you, and you know the statistical likelihood of every decision.

Skilled games are your preference, especially poker, the only casino game in which you play other players. You take the decisions of the games very seriously indeed, and aim to optimize. You may be detached emotionally from the outcome, knowing that as long as you make the correct decisions, it will all take care of itself.

You are unlikely to drink at the casino, or be distracted by any of the niceties; nothing will detract from your game. You have control over how much you bet, how often, and in what situation. Profit is your aim. You are the shark in the fish pond, waiting to snap off the riley bet of the Newbie.

4. The ‘Lucky Day’ Gambler

The ‘Lucky Day’ gambler bases all of their decisions on various notions of luck. You may have a lucky number (or several), and you will place your bets in line with these numbers, which are just “destined to win”. You may even see signs that lead you towards your decisions, such as seeing the number 20 several times in a day.

You will come to the casino on your lucky day, wear your lucky pair of socks, and pick your lucky machine. In your mind, it is either your day to win, or it isn’t. Fate will decide. You are more likely to gamble infrequently, and only when you feel an impulse.

You don’t care much for learning the game, and are simply having a punt to see if it pays off. If it does, you will be very excited, and if it doesn’t you won’t be too devastated. Superstition and belief drive your gambling. Before you gamble, you ask yourself, “is it my lucky day today?”

5. The ‘Newbie’ Gambler

The Newbie is, as their name would suggest, completely inexperienced. The casino is a very novel place for you Newbie, and the flashing lights will likely draw you in. You don’t have a favorite game yet, as you have not been on the scene long enough to have gauged the elements of each game. You will likely play everything a little, but skirt quickly from game to game.

You may feel very nervous and intimidated at table games, due to your inexperience, and may opt for machine games at first. Either that, or you will excitedly play roulette, a game you know will be able to play. Your bets are likely conservative, and you won’t want to lose a lot of money. A win will be a big thrill for you! The environment will also excite you, with its sophisticated but casual feel. Will it be enough to hook you?

6. The ‘Flamboyant’ Gambler

You have a bit of a thing for raising the stakes, and you wouldn’t be seen making any kind of small bet. You might fancy yourself as a bit of a pro, but in reality you likely know very little about the mathematics or human psychology that gambling involves. Your trick is money; betting it, winning it, losing it, and not really keeping track.

Your favorite games are fast and furious, and your favorite stakes are nosebleed. You like to be surrounded by onlookers if possible, and your favorite casinos are the ones with a bit of class… Vegas maybe. You are the flamboyant gambler, always looking to make a scene with a huge all-or-nothing bet.

Online gambling would never do it for you, because you are not really there for the games; you are there for the show, or more specifically, to be the show. You probably have more money than sense.

7. The Problem Gambler

It is not at all desirable to be a problem gambler, and you should stop immediately, or at least seriously cut back your habits. You spend way to long in the casino, sometimes at the detriment of other areas of your life. You can spend hours there, sometimes even days, and people worry about you. Your spending is out of control, and you no longer feel anything when you win or lose. Everybody at the casino knows you, but you don’t get much out of it in terms of socializing; more likely your head is stuck in a slot machine. If you are a problem gambler then you should seek help immediately.