Chapter 5



All roulette players have their methods of play. Some will use the classic strategies, some will use more modern systems, some will use a combination of strategies and some have invented their own strategies. Some players only bet inside numbers; some players only bet outside propositions, and some players bet combinations of both. There is no one method that all players agree on. That is human nature. We humans are a disagreeable lot. Deal with it Buster.

Birthdays, anniversaries, temperatures, lucky numbers (such as James Bond’s supposedly favorite number 17) have all been tried to beat that roulette wheel. Over time all of these have failed but still players must have some method of play even if that method smacks of total lunacy.

Which brings me to:

Roulette Strategy and more



Psychic Roulette Strategy



Can a person psychically see the future? Could a roulette player increase his or her odds of winning on the wheel over time by using the “psychic powers of the mind?”

Many people believe such a thing is possible and they have given names to such future-sight occurrences.




Writing produced by the mind that might have future significance. Before you play the game you sit quietly in a room and call to the universe or the spirits to supply you with winning numbers which your hand will automatically write down. This has been shown to work except when it doesn’t.


The ability to be in two places and/or time periods simultaneously. You are here but you are also in a future playing roulette. You can see the numbers that have come up – probably by looking at the scoreboard. This has been shown to work except when it doesn’t.


Often using a divining rod (or dowsing rod) – stick that looks like a giant wishbone (if you use an actual wishbone, please clean it) – to locate something or other. This can be done over a makeshift roulette layout. You write down the numbers that the divining rod selects and you bet on those numbers. This has been shown to work except when it doesn’t.


Would a player like to perceive the future without being there? This is the second sight that many psychics claim to have; also known as precognition and premonition. Just look into the future swami. This has been shown to work except when it doesn’t.


At last you’ll get to know Aunt Tillie’s knowledge of future events since she was a wild roulette player. That’s right, mediums channel dead people. “I see dead [roulette] people,” said the young boy in the movie The Sixth Sense. This has been shown to work except when it doesn’t.


The ability to be in many places and/or many time periods simultaneously. Forget bilocation; why not be at a whole bunch of roulette wheels so you can send in a team of greedy players to break the entire bank of a casino. This has been shown to work except when it doesn’t.



You don’t just have to see the future with psychic strategies. How about directly influencing where the ball lands? Psychokinesis (also known as telekinesis) is the power of the mind to manipulate physical objects without actually touching them.

Just reach out to the roulette ball with your consciousness and make it fall into the pocket that you desire. This has been shown to work except when it doesn’t.


Why not just talk to the wheel? After all, it could be friendly. That’s right, touch the outside of the roulette wheel or the layout as close to the wheel as you can get and ask it: “What number are you going to select?” If the wheel answers you, a fortune can be made. This has been shown to work except when it doesn’t.

More Psychic Roulette



Do you have a lucky pen? A lucky watch?  Just touch these lucky objects and ask them to give you a glimpse into the roulette numbers about to appear. This has been shown to work except when it doesn’t. (If you are at the table please only use clean toilet paper.)



These strategies work as well as all the other systems so far discussed in this guide –meaning the house has its usual edge; 2.70 percent on the European wheels and 5.26 percent on the American wheels. Being psychic, I saw that even before I wrote this paragraph. I’ll wager you did too.



  • There are many “psychic” systems of play, all of them facing and losing to the house edge. Many, if played with fun in mind, using intermittent betting methods, can be fun.

  • Psychic roulette systems fall into just about all categories of psychic phenomena. None of them have been shown to be a winning way to play.


Chapter 5


1. Have any psychic systems been proven to work at roulette or any other casino game?
2. If you can be in two place or times at once that is called?
3. What is second sight?
4. What is mediumship?
5. What is scrying?
6. What is a premonition?
7. What is divination?
8. What is the name for controlling where the ball will land only using the power of your mind?
9. When you actually communicate with the wheel in some mysterious way that is called?
10. What is automatic writing?


1. No psychic systems have been shown to change the nature of random games although many players don’t believe this.

2. Bilocation. In a department store this is called buy-location.

3. Second sight is future clairvoyance. The ability to see into the future.

4. Mediumship is the ability to talk to the dead who probably don’t adhere to our concepts of time or care about roulette.

5. If you have a lucky pen you can touch or any other lucky object that you can commune with, this is called crazy… I mean, this is called scrying.

6. A premonition is a sense of the future.

7. Divination is using an object that can lead you to discovering things or events.It is often a dowsing rod which is a rod that dowses.

8. Psychokinesis or telekinesis is using the mind to physically manipulate matter.

9. Psycho me try or psychometry.

10. In automatic writing one clears one’s mind to allow the spirits to talk to us by writing with the pen we are holding.


Frank Scoblete grew up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. He spent the ‘60s getting an education; the ‘70s in editing, writing and publishing; the ‘80s in theatre, and the ‘90s and the 2000s in casino gambling.

Along the way he taught English for 33 years. He has authored 35 books; his most recent publisher is Triumph Books, a division of Random House. He lives in Long Island. Frank wrote the Ultimate Roulette Strategy Guide and he's a well known casino specialist. 

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