The Dragon Side Bet for EZ Baccarat is simple to describe. This side bet pays 40-to-1 if the dealer’s three-card total of 7 beats the player, otherwise the bet loses. In September, 2011, I realized that this side bet was vulnerable to a card counting methodology of advantage play. I worked over the next few days to evaluate the appropriate systems and their value.

I posted my article on the Wizard of Odds website in late September, 2011. There is no question that many in the casino industry overreacted to the real value of this information. After a year, this matter appears to have settled into common knowledge. Game protection is easy. The AP doesn't get that much of an edge. The wager has extremely high variance. The Dragon side bet is both popular and easy to protect.

Knowledge is always a good thing. It helps us understand the world we all share. It helps us make better decisions. It moves society forward. Knowledge about the products we buy and sell is as just as important as the esoteric research done by university professors. I stand by the essential worth of all knowledge.

Here is the original article, posted at the Wizard of Odds website:

Card Counting the Dragon Side Bet in EZ Baccarat

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