Online slots are surging in the UK. According to the Guardian newspaper, billions of pounds are showering in, thanks to game-loving punters. Some 22.5 million Brits are said to be betting on slots. They’re embracing the new technologies and cutting-edge games that the gambling-industry’s top innovators introduce to folks who like to spin the wheels on their computers and mobile devices.

Casino sites are providing loads of fun with some of the world’s greatest games. It leads players to the best slots sites on the Internet with games that are completely irresistible. Here are some of the hottest games trending now in the UK:

Big Bass Splash

big bass slots

But let’s get down to the action that gamblers love. Ranking high in that realm and taking the UK by storm: Big Bass Splash
Lucky players of this game land on the bearded fisherman, who helps them to win by substituting for the required symbols that complete combinations on various paylines. When a hooked bass leaps out of the water, get ready for a serious return on investment. That happens and players can win up to 5,000 times their bets.

Good Old 7s

Those who yearn for classic slot machines enjoy their game of choice when placing bets of up to £150 on Good Old 7s. Though it is set up in a long beloved format, featuring a five-reel and three-row gaming grid, do not mistake this machine for your father’s one armed bandit. Unlike anything from the old days, Good Old 7s offers 243 opportunities to win. 
One of the best ways to ace the game: Wind up with the bonus wheel, which offers a spin that multiples prizes by 2- to 100-times. If you think you can get more, take a whirl by hitting the gamble button and opt for another shot at winning even bigger. Who can resist the chance?

Gold Blitz Extreme

This is a six-reel, four-row machine with 4,096 paylines and a 96 percent return to player. It is the latest addition to the great Gold Blitz line of games. The vibe of Gold Blitz Extreme is neon-lit and super splashy. Living up to it all, the top win is 5,500 times your bet. Go for the highest wager of £50 and you will clean up when the machine maxes out. 
But you don’t need that once-in-a-lifetime win for the excitement to pile up. Thrills unspool when the free spin rears itself and you land as many as 30 complimentary whirls around the machine. 


starburst slots

On the iconic tip. Starburst definitely stands out among machines taking the UK by storm. It’s one of the all-time popular slot offerings and the longevity is for good reason. Players love the fact that they can win by matching symbols from left to right of the reels or from right to left. 
True to its name, the Stardust machine blows up with bursts of light when players win cash. Respins are rampant and bonus symbols, in the forms of wilds, make jackpots a breeze.

Guardians of Luxor 2

New to the slots scene and out of this world, Guardians of Luxor 2 is a fine sequel to the original Guardians of Luxor.
Like its predecessor, this fresh slot machine takes players to the city of Falcon in Upper Egypt. Getting there is the fun of the game. Hit the match-3 minigame and you get 25 free spins.            
 But the golden pyramids are what every player wants. Conjure up three, four or five of them and your bet multiplies by up to 200. It’s ancient good times in the land of scarabs and golden beaked birds, made all the more amazing when multiple pounds roll in.

Bankin’ More Bacon

When you want to break the piggy bank, ante up for a sizzling hot slot machine that goes by the name of Bankin’ More Bacon. It’s got six reels, four rows and 4,096 paylines. The return to player (RTP) is 96 percent and if you get truly lucky, you’ll hit the 10,000X win with a max bet of £10.
Wild symbols, free spins and the piggy collect symbol, which allows you to get downright greedy with the money you take down, all count as hallmarks of the game. In the midst of all that cash collecting, don’t forget to check out the pig-shaped hedges. They are hilarious. 

Dark Water

Another newcomer with an instant following: Dark Water. Not for the timid, it has high volatility and a maximum win of 5,000 times.
Players looking to get deep with the pirate-themed game – complete with a soundtrack that creates a seafaring mood – can bet as much as £50 and, if they get a little lucky, there is a free-spin round that opens with five spins on the house.     
The game begins with a six-reels, four-rows setup but expands into a six-by-six play area. There are 4,096 opportunities to win. Knives, pistols and anchors, among other symbols, spin across the screen.
Fans of the machine are raising their jolly Rogers, buying in for varying sums and keeping eyes peeled for the game’s ever-popping money symbols.

Wheel O’ Gold

Just in time for this year’s upcoming St. Patrick’s Day, online slot lovers are embracing Wheel O’ Gold, a leprechaun-themed machine with a max win of a walloping 10,000 times your bet. For fortunate players that just might be the ever-elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 
Assisting the quest for that big payoff, players can buy spins or win them. The latter happens when the game hits four, five or six scatter symbols, which dole out 10, 15 or 20 free spins. 
Cereal eaters will remember the Lucky Charms mascot saying, “It’s magically delicious.” And the same pronouncement applies to this game as well.

In fact, with all these slot offerings, plus others, seizing the imaginations of fruit-machine mad Brits, they’re lucky winners before even making a first deposit – hopefully with a healthy bonus to make things all the sweeter.

Michael Kaplan is a journalist based in New York City. He has written extensively on gambling for publications such as Wired, Playboy, Cigar Aficionado, New York Post and New York Times. He is the author of four books including Aces and Kings: Inside Stories and Million-Dollar Strategies from Poker’s Greatest Players.

He’s been known to do a bit of gambling when the timing seems right.