In this article I explain what the Supernova roulette betting system is and how to use it on live roulette games.

Table of Contents

1 – Introduction to the Supernova Roulette Betting System

The Supernova betting system is a skilfully worked out roulette predicting system. The concept was designed to be used on live (croupier started) roulette games with European or American roulette wheels. 

  • How many roulette numbers are bet on using the Supernova Betting System?

15 chips are used in each game with the Supernova roulette betting system. And for some games, certain key numbers are bet on more than once. But no more than 15 numbers are bet on.

The Supernova roulette betting system is designed to abide by the “neighbors call” bet standard rules in most casinos. 

The bet selections are such that the Supernova functions well because of the croupier-ball-wheel relationship. Moreover the latter two resulting in the outcomes of roulette games.

2 – Supernova profit/loss fluctuations 

When keeping score on roulette games using the Supernova betting system, a player should notice waves of wins and waves of losses that fluctuate above and below a player’s break-even bankroll.

The following outcomes are possible when playing the Supernova roulette betting system;

  • Recovering losses – If a player has double or triple payout wins, when on a down wave, recovering losses can be fast. And this may be a signal that a winning wave has started.
  • Generating profits – When on up waves, that winning state can be sustained for longer and a greater winning chip count target reached.
  • Giving back profits – The frequency of wins has declined and fewer double and triple payout wins are occurring.
  • Losing chips – Whereby losses are outweighing wins and thus a player’s bankroll is decreasing.

3 – How do you win using the Supernova Roulette Betting System?

To win at using the Supernova betting system, your win/loss ratio needs to be consistently stable during a roulette session until your bankroll peaks into profit.
This is achieved by flat betting on straight-up numbers. There are single (x1), double (x2) and triple (x3) wins during most roulette sessions.

  • The stake is 15 chips.
  • A single, x1 chip win returns 36 chips (35-1 the win, plus 1 chip stake returned) – this represents gains of +21 chips.
  • A double, x2 chip win returns 72 chips – this means that +57 chips of profit were gained.
  • And a triple, x3 chip win returns 108 chips – this is a whopping +93 chips of profit. 

When the Supernova roulette betting system is working well, a player will advance into a winning wave with frequent multiple wins.

Double and triple wins tend to occur in clusters. Some players may decide to increase wagers following or during such wins. 

4 – Why Flat Bet using the Supernova Roulette Betting System?

Flat betting or wagering the same chip value on each game is an easy way to determine if a player is winning or losing i.e. flat betting tests how well a betting system is functioning.

The Supernova roulette betting system goes through cycles of winning and losing waves. There’s no need to take on further risk by increasing stakes at any stage. 

Because the number of wagered chips is set at 15, increasing wagers can prove dangerous if winning outcomes don’t materialise. 

A player need only stick with the system in order to allow the strength of flat betting to work itself out. The pockets a roulette ball lands in over many games will have a bearing upon the success rate of the Supernova betting system.

  • Are the chances of winning reduced when betting on American roulette wheels?

Because of the additional pockets on double and triple zero American roulette wheels, there are likely to be more losses before a win and less double and triple wins.

5 – How does the Supernova betting system operate on live roulette games?

A casino croupier sets roulette games in motion by:

  1. Rotating the wheel – the speed at which the croupier rotates a wheel will have an impact upon the outcome of games.
  2. Flicking the ball into the ball track – The force at which a croupier flicks the ball will determine the number of times the ball travels around the ball track.

A roulette ball has to travel at least three times around the ball track for a roulette game to be valid. The ball will likely strike deflectors and pocket dividers before landing into a pocket. 

The ball-wheel association occurs within a limited area to produce outcomes and the patterns those outcomes form. 

The Supernova roulette betting system takes advantage of the ball landing in repeat areas of the wheel. The result is the signature of the ball resulting in outcomes.

The random nature of roulette games are maintained. However within that randomness, patterns do form. 

Following each new outcome, the Supernova roulette betting system is able to lock in one to three areas of a wheel. And each area consists of five pockets in a row. 

Therefore if the signature of future outcomes revisits the pockets a player bets on then more wins will be gained.  

6 – How to play roulette using the Supernova Betting System

The Supernova Roulette Betting System is a neighbors by five bet selection. This means, the number you call and the two numbers on each side of that number. 

For instance, if you make a No. 17 neighbors bet on the racetrack then the completed bet will cover the following numbers:

  • 2-25-17-34-6

Before you place your three neighbor bets which form the 15 chips total outlay per roulette game, first select your flat betting unit amount for each chip.  

Make sure that your neighbor bets are by five, because some online casino games allow players to select neighbors by three and neighbors by seven.

Next select the last three roulette outcomes. And use these numbers to make your three neighbors bets.

If 17 is one of the last three outcomes, then select 17. If you have selected neighbors by five, your bet will be placed and chips will automatically be arranged on 17 and the four other numbers; two numbers on one side of 17 and two numbers on the other side of #17. 

If #23 was the number before #17, you would select #17 neighbors and #23 neighbors. 

Chips will appear on the 17 neighbors and on 23 and its four neighbor numbers that are as follows: 30-8-23-10-5

So, whatever the last three outcomes displaying on the scoreboard when using the Supernova roulette betting system, you bet on the last three outcomes as neighbors by five. 

Be careful because sometimes casino scoreboards make mistakes and show the wrong results so keep notes of all outcomes following each roulette game.

Carry on betting until you reach your target, i.e. the number of unit wins or percentage increase of your bankroll. When you have to bet on the same number or a number next to it just do it. Whatever those last three outcomes are. 

So, if 28 appeared as the last three outcomes, using the Supernova roulette betting system, your next bets need to be 28 neighbors by five, three times. 

The concept that forms the Supernova roulette betting system is the ball-wheel relationship. And although the croupier plays a role, ultimately the signature of the ball’s journey to a pocket on a wheel is the key to the system. 

Because a wheel only has a limited number of pockets, the signature of the ball is seen and thus the Supernova roulette betting system takes advantage of this random generated anomaly.

It is important to only bet on the last three outcomes and only neighbors by five.



7 – Supernova Roulette Betting System recap how to play

Consider the following outcomes and see how I’ve applied the last three outcomes onto the racetrack betting area. 

  • 32–2–34–26–16–5–30–29–35–28–3–4–15 

There are wins on numbers 26, 5, 28, 3 and 15. There is a double win on 28 because its neighbors are 35 and 29 which were within the range of the neighbors by five, the two previous outcomes. 

So for the next bet you would take the last three outcomes which are 15, 4 and 3. As you can see, if the next outcome is 0, 15, 19 or 4, you will secure a double pay-out (x2) win. 

This is because the ball would be visiting that area of the wheel connected to the last three outcomes.  

By using neighbors by five, clusters form and sometimes double or triple pay-out wins are possible.

If you do not win and the ball visits another area, then you release one of your two groups of neighbors by five to take a position in that area. 

Thereby, if the ball revisits areas bet on in future games, you stand a good chance of winning. 

The ball may return to the area/s your other two groups of neighbors by five bets are still on the wheel. If this is the case then your bets could win. 

Because the Supernova roulette betting system is:

  • following the last three landing pockets of the ball
  • neighbors of those numbers
  • the system is, in a sense, closely keeping up with where the ball is hitting

8 – Is the Supernova Roulette Betting System worth trying?

If you prefer flat betting and enjoy playing roulette in a structured way then the Supernova betting system is well worth trying.

The aim of the Supernova roulette betting system is concentrated on the patterns of future outcomes; from the croupier’s hand to the pockets a ball lands in. This is what sets it apart from most other roulette betting systems.

Stephen R. Tabone is an English Writer from Great Britain. He is a casino games professional pattern player and outcomes systemiser. He is the Author of Bestselling Baccarat books, ‘The Ultimate Silver Bullet Proof Baccarat Winning Strategy 2.1’ and ‘The Ultimate Golden Secret Baccarat Winning Strategy 3.0’.

In 2011, Mr. Tabone earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours in Creative Writing and Philosophy from the University of Greenwich, London. And holds qualifications in Law and in Business.