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This guide will only cover one version of Double Double Jackpot Poker. On video poker, Double Double Jackpot Poker bumps the higher pays by doubling the Double Jackpot Poker pays for all four of a kind hands except 2’s through 10’s which are two and a half times the Double Jackpot Version. The pays for a full house, a flush and a straight all have the pays increased by one. The pay for two pairs is reduced to even money to make up for the other increases. The return for this game is 100.35 percent but the variance increases dramatically to 38.2 from 22.4

Double Double Jackpot Poker

The strategy for Double Double Jackpot Poker is more complex than Double Jackpot Poker because certain cards are now worth considerably more.

Simplified strategy chart for full pay 9/6Review strategy chart

The 9/6 version of Double Double Jackpot Poker has a great return of over 100 percent. The variance is relatively high and the strategy somewhat complex, however. If this game is available at the live casino or online casino such as 888casino, where you play, consider learning the strategy and make sure your bankroll is suffcient to handle the downswings. Anytime there is a positive expectation (greater than 100 percent return) game available, serious consideration should be given to taking advantage of it.


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