How do you select which numbers to bet? How could you choose which numbers to play and how can you “make” them the winning numbers? Forget about your birthday digits or any complicated roulette system.

As in life, we are constantly confronted by a certain esoteric dilemma at the roulette table; is there any way that our mind, or our choice of numbers, can have an effect on the outcome of the game? Can we sway the odds in our favor, with will power alone? Is there anything underlying the cold, hard statistical dictatorship? Yes, as in life, we search for more.

I am a heretic. I think we all are to some extent; even the most hardened skeptics among us, who would reject every theory that has slightest undertone of the esoteric, while also confessing to having lucky numbers. Here is an exploration of esoteric betting methods, which when mastered, could lead to some serious winnings at the table.

how to chose the winning numbers
There is more than meets the eye in bet selection

Vibrational Frequency

It is pretty much common knowledge that everything is a vibration. Science testifies. If you have a frequency of fear and doubt, then it is more likely that you will manifest a negative outcome. This could be why degenerate gamblers attract more loss and why excited and optimistic beginners, tend to enjoy some wins.

  • Only play roulette when you feel aligned with a cosmic energy of winning.
  • Never play if you have a fear of losing the money, and never play out of your depths. You could attract loss.
  • When you feel optimistic and excited, have a bet.


Will power is the idea that you can, through the power of mind control, make something happen, or at least influence the outcome. It is with willpower that great minds succeed.

  • When you place a bet, make sure your thoughts and will power are aligned with the number, and with the idea of winning.
  • Focus softly on your desired outcome, and will it to happen.

The Law of Attraction

If you haven’t heard of the Law of Attraction by now then I don’t know where you have been for the last ten years. It is perhaps the single biggest revival of ancient knowledge in our lifetime, and though it is much modernized, it could help you to make a live roulette bet selection. The idea is to align vibrational frequency with your will power, by believing it will happen. This can be orchestrated beforehand.

  • Heighten your vibrational frequency with meditation, and with imagination. Relax, and imagine yourself winning big.
  • Place pictures of your chosen numbers around the house, alongside pictures of wealth and success.
  • Begin to believe that you are going to win, and then that you are destined to win, and then that you have already won and are simply waiting for the money.
  • Study the Law of Attraction for more information.

Personal Lucky & Unlucky Numbers

Some people use the Law of Attraction without even realizing it. Lucky and unlucky numbers are a great example, and many people have them. If you truly believe in your lucky number, then you will infuse it with a powerful belief and willpower. As long as you are vibrating in line with success, then you should be fine. Lucky numbers operate in the same way.

  • Choose lucky numbers if you haven’t got them already, or use numbers that are meaningful to you already.
  • Bet on those more often, especially when you are in vibrational harmony with them.
  • If you are truly wise, you would avoid believing in unlucky numbers, or bad luck, at all, full stop.

Divine Timing

Known to many people as synchronicity, a term first coined by psychologist Carl Jung, divine timing is the notion that there is an underlying order to the universe that we cannot always perceive. Everything happens for a reason, and every timing is how it should be. So when a coincidence happens, it is more than a coincidence, it is a meaningful alignment of space and time that was always meant to be.

  • With divine timing, it is difficult to know what to bet on, or when to bet, because the world is so well timed that everything is always how it should be. You are either destined to win, or you weren’t.
  • Unless, of course, there was a way to perceive this divine timing, tap into it, and become aware enough to know when you are about to “coincidentally” win or lose.
  • This leads us to our next point…


Intuition is something that everyone on the planet was born with. It serves us instinctually, and was originally a function of survival. All animals are physic, most children, and some adults. Most adults still retain at least a little bit of intuition, even as their rational mind begins to disbelieve. Intuition is that feeling you get where you “just know,” but you don’t know how you know, or even what you know. It is that feeling to act on impulse, but not to do something stupid… to do something that you know is right to do in that moment.

  • Only bet when you feel the moment is right to bet.
  • Don’t bet every spin. Await that feeling.
  • When you get the feeling, like you have tapped into the divine timing, and like an impulse almost seems to guide your hand to a number, make a bet.
  • Do not allow your rational mind to overwrite the decision, or to change the numbers afterwards. Trust your intuition and let it ride.

Natural Divination

Aside from an internal feeling, there is another way to tap into the divine timing, and to understand the harmonic energy around you. In roulette terms, this means that there is another way that you can intuitively know when to bet, and what to bet on.

This is not an official concept, but is a form of subconsciously reading the signs around you. For example, perhaps rather than feeling like you should bet red next, the color red begins to stand out around you, like it is the only color in the room. Perhaps you are spinning you glass, and suddenly the number 22 beams down on you from above, pointed to by the casino lighting, which shows a poster bearing the number.

  • Divination is like external intuition. You see signs that allow you to tap into the moment, and to choose the right bet.
  • Do not try consciously to look for signs, simply relax and observe the game, and wait for a sign to come to you.

I Ching

If you are looking for a truly ancient and authentic method of divination, you need look no further than I Ching. Also known as the Book of Changes in English Book of Changes in English, is an ancient divination text and the oldest of the Chinese classics. This method allows you to make numerical predications, and discern the cosmic patterns of life. There are 64 hexagrams in I Ching, which are composed by flipping a coin and recording the outcome. Each hexagram represents something unique, and the meaning can be worked out by studying the text.

  • For a serious and ancient, but simple to execute divination method, see the I Ching.
  • Read the patterns to see whether a roulette bet is favorable at this time.
  • With deep study, you may be able to work out some specific numbers to bet on, depending also on the time and date, in a kind of numerological way, but generally I Ching can give you only an overview of the direction of cosmic energy.


Pythagoras, the ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher said that “Everything is Number”. Numerology has been around since ancient times, and comes from the idea that numbers (and letters) have a certain value and meaning, in and of themselves, independent of human thought. This means that each number has a sort of personality, and there are relations between then. This means that some numbers are more likely to show up in roulette at certain times. For a full break down of numerology in roulette, and to see some numbers and how their meanings could relate to betting, see here.

  • Take any number that you want to bet on, and add it up until you find its lowest reduction. For example, 34 = 3 + 4 = 7
  • Each number 0-9, has a certain meaning. Try to use numbers that have a positive implication. For example. Double numbers are also particularly powerful.

Or Is It All Statistics, After All?

There is no way to disprove or prove any of the esoteric methods of roulette betting mentioned here. It is possible that our mind has wonderful and farfetched delusions when it is left in a situation where it has little control over the outcome. Roulette is, according to most players, and according to the casinos, a game in which the odds are stated clearly, and cannot be changed. The casino makes billions from these rigid odds.

But perhaps there really is something to the esoteric, some hidden reality which can be tapped into… not be everyone, but by those who are aware of it. Perhaps the rules of space and time really can be suspended by will, or by the direction of energy, or by the use of powerful numbers. Perhaps there is transcendentally penetrate the roulette wheel. That is up to you.