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Casino Tips: The “Don’t” Commandments of Gambling

If you are a casino aficionado then most of what I am about to share with you may be common knowledge. Still many players know this “knowledge” but for some reason when the going gets going they violate many or most of the correct rules of play.

Don’t let that be you. Play wise; play correctly and you will have a better chance of beating the casinos at their own games. The better you play, the better your prospects. The worse you play…well, that is self-explanatory.

Frank Scoblete
January 14, 2019

Winning at Keno and Lottery

On October 23rd 2018 a Lotto drawing in the US yielded a series of numbers that would cause those that match the numbers to gain the largest single win in the history of the Lottery. There was a single winner for the drawing that won a staggering $1.53 Billion dollars. A lottery is a form of gambling; and, in fact, it is merely a variation and scaled up version of the casino staple game Keno.

Nicholas Colon
January 8, 2019

Casino Gambling: A Manageable Thrill

My late mentor, the Atlantic City legend known as the Captain of Craps, taught me many valuable concepts when it came to gambling in general and casino gambling in particular. One of the most important was his idea that risking one’s money in a casino had to be a “manageable thrill.” 

“You can’t bet too little because there is no thrill in that. An under-bet is really no bet,” he said. “An under-bet could be considered dull and not worth the time to make the bet. 

Frank Scoblete
November 18, 2018

Bad Odds: Bets Never to Make While Playing at the Casino

Among all the skills needed to get the most out of casino games online and offline, one of the most important for casino players is choosing your wagers wisely.

And an important part of choosing your wagers wisely is knowing which bets never to make.

Sometimes that means avoiding bets with extraordinarily high house edges. Sometimes it means skipping a bet because a better option is available that accomplishes the same thing with a lower house edge.

John Grochowski
August 6, 2018

Sports Betting Set to Become Legal Across The United States

On the morning of June 14, sports betting became officially legal in the state of New Jersey. It is only fitting, then, that the first person to place a bet that day was Phil Murphy, Governor of New Jersey. Proponents of legalized sports betting spent the last seven years fighting for New Jersey residents to gain the simple right to legally bet on games in their state. And now Murphy was about to do it. He wagered a mere $20 on Germany to win the World Cup and another 20 on, of course, the Jersey Devils hockey team to take next year’s Stanley Cup.

Christopher Null
June 28, 2018

Strict Money Management

Losses hit us harder than wins. The loss of emotion weighs more than the win emotion – given an equal amount of money being weighed. When I first thought of this idea I did wonder if I were alone in my feelings. I’m not.
Frank Scoblete
June 5, 2018