Main Idea
The Hollandish roulette system is a negative progression system for even chances like the Labouchere, the Martingale and Tier et Tout. The difference is that the Hollandish method is very often less aggressive than both the Labouchere and the Martingale. The main idea, which is a very interesting one indeed, is that we divide the spins in groups of 3 spins. This means that our betting amount changes every 3 spins instead of every spin, which is the case with Martingale, Labouchere and most negative progressions. This way we take a “wait and see” sort of approach and every 3 spins we go to the next phase.


Roulette tables


You begin the game with a stake of one unit (you will decide the money value of the unit) until you win for the first time. Then you try to compensate for your previous losses, by going to the next step/stage and increasing your bet to 3 units. If three bets are lost, you will have to win three times before the progression is finished. If further losses occur during the 3 unit progression, you have to wait until this stage is finished (after three successful bets). Then you raise to 5 units until the losses of the 3 unit progression are covered. Having achieved full compensation for your losses, you continue to play with one unit. If losses occurred during the 5 unit progression, you raise to 7 units and follow the same betting pattern as before.
Progression – size of bets: 1 – 3 – 5 – 7 – 9………


Black Red Bet Lost-bets progr.balance Total Comments
X   1 1 -1 -1  
X   1 2 -2 -2  
  X 1   -1 -1 first win, raise stake to 3chips (because of 2 lost bets you will have to win 2 times now)
X   3 1 bet lost in 3unit progression -4 -4  
  X 3   -1 -1 first loss is recovered
  X 3   +2 +2 second loss is recovered and 3 unit progression is finished / raise stake to 5 units because of 1 lost bet during the 3 unit progression
  X 5 end +7 +7 loss in 3 unit progression is fully recovered, reduce stake to 1 chip
X   1 1 -1 +6  
X   1 2 -2 +5  
  X 1   -1 +6  
  X 3   +2 +9  
  X 3 end +5 +12 we recovered the second loss in the 1 unit progression. end. start over.

Advantages – Disadvantages
The main advantage is that it is often a less aggressive approach than others, therefore consecutive losses do not amount to high stakes too soon. This is especially true if the losses come early and in series of 3 consecutive losses or more.

The disadvantage is common to most negative progressions and it is the fact that a truly negative series of outcomes can still drive your losses higher and higher. A disadvantage specifically to this system is that the bets can get higher and higher even when we have more winning spins than losing spins!

The size of bets of the progression (1 – 3 – 5 – 7 – 9………) can be modified to become more steep for example (1-3-5-8-12-16….). The advantage of this is that the progression can end sooner with less wins. The disadvantage is that the bets get higher sooner. Yes, there’s always a trade off ?