Rigged roulette wheels and are not a myth. Unfair roulette games, unfortunately, can be found everywhere. Both in brick and mortar casinos and online establishments, with live dealers or RNG, we have observed evidence of cheating against the players.

There are basically 4 types of games of roulette you can play today.

  1. Traditional game with big wooden roulette wheel and a dealer in a brick and mortar casino. (read: Biased wheels)
  2. Air-ball or rapid roulette in a real casino. (read: Are Electronic Airball machines rigged? )
  3. Online roulette with live dealers and real wheel. 
  4. Online casino electronic roulette and Fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT) with Random Number Generator.

In a four types of games, you can never be absolutely sure the game is 100% fair. There have been many anecdotal and circumstantial evidence of strange, inexplicable events and suspicious, unfavorable outcomes for the players. In some cases the fraud has been proven beyond doubt, in most cases though we have to live with the doubt.

It is really funny that various outrageous results and events are “explained” by the “laws of physics” and covered up by the inherent unpredictability of a random game. “Yes, the ball can take strange twists just before it lands on a numbers, it’s physics” they explain. They take your money blatantly and if you complain they look you in the face and claim that: “No it’s not suspicious that you lose again and again forever. According to probability it’s perfectly normal”.

Huxley wheel disassembly- computer

Huxley Starburst roulette wheel disassembly. The computer hidden on the wheel base, is connected with “discreet” built-in sensors, for a range of wheel diagnostics and reports. Detection of winning numbers. ‘Drop Zone Detection’ of non-random results. Data Logger stores up to 6 years’ worth of wheel events

Evidence of casinos cheating

Online casinos, often take advantage of the lack of supervision and inspection from law and gambling authorities and take the money of their customers with unfair games. Very recently it was reported that in RNG roulette at Betfair online casino, number 18 appeared 11 consecutive times! The actual probability of this happening is once in trillion of spins! Yet the casinos can claim that “every 11 spin sequence is equally probable with any other” so nothing’s wrong with 18 hitting 11 times back to back!

rigged game betfair

Unbelievable: number 18 hits in 11 consecutive spins.

Rigged roulette wheels are a reality, though to what extend they are used is an issue of great debate. Player beware. Just try to take the ball from a roulette wheel casino and see what happens. They will get after you like you are the worst criminal. They don’t want to you to take their balls and test them (test what they are made of). There was a news story of a high roller roulette player in a reputable land casino in Regency Casino Thessaloniki, Greece, who took the ball from the wheel to test it and sue them in case he found something. The casino pursued him like there’s no tomorrow. A meeting between the player and casino officials has been arranged. After a while the story vanished and none ever heard of this case again. Your guess what happened is as good as mine, but there are rumors that the casino has paid a large amount to get the roulette ball back and avoid exposure and a possible scandal.

gaffed wheel

This is a very controversial subject. And a very serious one. Despite the cliche that “casinos don’t need to steal, they have the house advantage, we can imagine that greed can lead even reputable casinos to offer less than fair game conditions if they could.


rigged roulette wheel

Rigged roulette wheel: you can see the small electromagnets fitted under the wheel-track.

This roulette wheel comes from a private club in Italy, where a fraud took place. None really knows if the club owners were ever arrested, but the wheel suddenly appeared on ebay in the UK.

It has small electromagnets under each pocket and probably there will be a special ball type with a metal core going with the thing.

Except electromagnets, other invisible ways to control the outcome of the game that have been put to “good” use including acoustic levitation and leveling.

Acoustic levitation

According to this method intensive sound waves with ultrasonic frequencies, that can not be heard by the human ear, can be used to push the the roulette ball before or while it lands on a number.

Wheel leveling

Imagine a electronically controlled mechanism below the wheel, that can very slightly change the leveling of the wheel. This can actually have a dramatic effect in the outcomes of the roulette. See for example this Patent for a Roulette wheel equipped with an electronic control system.

The new trick

Now-days the roulette balls are made of piezoelectric ceramic. The material used is BaTiO3 on the surface, and BaSO4 on the inside for insulation.

The ball caries a polarized surface charge when hit by an ultrasonic sound wave. This wave is sent from the inter-digital transducers placed in the spoons (pockets) of each number. They send a wave to the ball that polarizes the surface with a negative charge. The spoon of the number is also negative, therefore the ball jumps out through electrostatic repulsion (see also Patent US9114940 ).

Each number pocket has a switch which is controlled by a transistor called IGBT. This transistor turns on the switch so that the spoon in negatively charged. The casino leaves the pockets that it wants the ball to go in neutral, or switch off.

Robert Gurreri tells us: “I have such a piezoelectric roulette ball in my possession along with University tests done on it and I can show them to anyone interested. Many casinos in the world are now using this method to cheat players and as a “security measure” against high rollers.”

You can watch some very interesting cases and strange spins in the following video. Please like, share and comment on the video with your own views and experiences. If we spread the word and expose the truth we can help eliminate cheating casinos and enjoy a fair roulette game.

“Casinos would never do that!”

The casino representatives and many players will often try to dismiss any doubt about the integrity of their games with these two arguments:

1. The Casino has the house edge advantage. It doesn’t need to cheat you to make money.

ANSWER: Do not underestimate human greed. Companies always try to increase their profit with every mean possible.

2. If a casino is caught cheating (stealing) the players the repercussions would be too great, including the ruining of their reputation and big fines. No casino would risk cheating.

ANSWER: This is naive thinking. It is like says just because thieves can go to prison, none would ever try to steal.