If you are convinced that roulette cannot be won by mathematical systems or even advanced roulette strategies, then this roulette computers buyer’s guide is for you. We will present you the available equipment that could help you win at roulette by predicting the outcome (number) of the next spin with the use of physics, software and electronics. We have tried to include all kinds of devices, from the latest and tinniest sophisticated roulette computers to simple electronic gadgets and laser distance calculators. It is worth to note that we do not endorse any of these devices and we have not actually reviewed them. This is just a buyers guide that will give prospective buyers a very good idea about the various products available on the market.

Mark Howe (Predictroulette)

Mark Howe has already sold many roulette computers not only thru his website predictroulette, but also through ebay where he has a 100% seller’s rating. He is one of the first persons to talk about roulette computers publicly on the web, some 15 years ago.

Wrist Watch Computer

watch computer
Roulette computer in a watch

Yes, a roulette computer in the form of a watch. This is ingenious. Nobody would stop you from entering the casino wearing a digital watch, right? This device needs no wires, no leads and no earpiece. It transmits the predicted numbers with vibration.
The payment method is also innovative: half the money up front and the rest after the customer is satisfied.


Gum-stick computer

Same as the watch computer at heart. This can be used in casino Cards, by disguising the unit and operating it in between the results cards.

Mouth computer

roulette computer mouth pieces

The player operates the unit by gathering timings of the ball and rotor through biting onto the unit and operating the switch. The device then calculates where the ball will strike the rotor and relays the output through 2 options:

  1. the unit vibrates a certain number of times to indicate an area of the wheel directly onto the tooth.
  2. the unit uses sound waves generated by a bespoke Piezo unit that transmits through the tooth, jaw and finally reaches the auditory canal.
Evolution 10 series

This is the latest roulette computer technology by M. Howe. The unique selling point is its remarkable ease of use and the money back guarantee Mark offers when purchased through ebay.

evolution 10V computer
The Evolution 10S

Ear computer Evolution 10S
Each set includes:
1 Speaking roulette computer (various languages available, lithium Battery -rechargeable through any USB port)
1 Amplified Transmitter Loop
1 Remote switch on cable

1 Hearing aid

Vibrator Evolution 10V
This version sends the predicted numbers to the player via vibration. It’s extremely stealthy, without wires, leads or earpieces.


Set up: First you capture some ball timings using the device and load them into the device, this means you simply press the switch when the ball passes a diamond repeatedly.
Play: You press and hold a switch and take 1/2 rotor timing any between 2 opposite vertical diamonds for example and release the switch when the Zero passes the second vertical diamond. Switched pressed in your pocket or through your trouser material. Then you take a ball timing by pressing the switch when the ball passes a vertical diamond and releasing when its done a complete revolution.

Buyer protection
Mark Howe seems to put buyer satisfaction first and in some cases offers the option for the buyer to only pay half the money upfront and the rest when he is satisfied with his purchase. He also advises his customers to buy his products thru ebay and paying with paypal, so they are fully covered. He is very upfront and warns buyers about unscrupulous roulette computer sellers like Steve H.

Forester (Myrulet)

Forester from Myrulet is an old timer and a very respected member of the roulette community. His creations are considered very stealthy and precise. He offer two main models that are based on the same software called Acrobat-4.


FFV roulette computer
FFV: Smaller than a casino chip

This is the smallest and it has everything on board including a clocking switch. It does not need external wires but an optional switch can be added. It is suitable for hand clocking, which most novice users would do. It transmits the predicted numbers with vibration.



FFZ roulette computer

The FFZ can be operated by the player’s foot and it transmits the prediction signal with electric zaps which can be felt sharper, faster and better than vibration. Due to the foot-switch though it is better suited for experienced, skilled players.

Acrobat 4 features

The Acrobat software can predict at any moment during the spin.
Once you set it, all you need is to clock the rotor then at any moment during the spin clock at least two ball rotations (by default). As soon after clocking, the system will predict. If you continue clocking, the system will predict again but this time when calculating result, it will use times from all 4 clocked ball rotations. Single rotations cooking is also available. The system can predict as early as 21rotations before then ball drops.

Predicting at desired ball rotation.
This is useful where higher precision is required when targeting particular diamonds or playing leveled wheel. The system can be set so it predicts only when the ball has a particular amount of rotations until lit drops.

Multiple predictions during the same spin.
Multiple predictions are unique to MyRulet computers and it is a good way of testing systems linearity of prediction or when it is possible to increase accuracy with more ball rotations clocked. You can have the prediction and continue clocking the ball, the system will predict repeatedly. The system for calculation uses as many rotations as you clocked. More rotations clocked gives better results.

Double prediction – in the case you didn’t see the first prediction.
After prediction, even if you do not clock the ball for more rotations the system predicts once more. It calculates ball and rotor movement and predicts again, when the ball is above the same number. It is just in case if you did not see it well when predicting first time.

The Program gets improved over time and software upgrades are being offered free to old buyers.


Electronic gadgets for measurements and roulette prediction

There are a lot of options if you are looking for a device that will help you to various measurements needed to predict where the ball will land. Most of them are using laser and ultrasonic technology to facilitate the computation in various conditions.

LEICA DISTO X310 is a professional laser rangefinder for roulette


leica laser range finder

[Overall Rating: 1,5/5]
Provides extreme protection from any natural and mechanical effects. He not afraid of accidental drops from heights of up to 2m, falls into the water, dust and spray. Ultrabasite guaranteed class IP65. The backlight of the display and its mnogostrukosti provide the best reading. Also in the finder integrated sensor tilting angle, so You can it easy be used as a protractor. The instrument is equipped with all the necessary Arsenal functions.

The accuracy of distance measurement: ± 1 mm Range measuring ranges: 0.05 to 100 m tilt Sensor angle measurement: Yes Display: backlit area Measurement, volume: Yes Indirect pitagorsky measurement: Yes Addition / subtraction: Yes Indirect measurement with tilt sensor: Yes Auto backlight the display and keypad: Yes Multifunctional endpiece: Yes Continuous measurement: Yes Mount to potestative: Yes Timer: No Saving of measurement: the 20 most recent values of Battery: AAA size: HH mmass: 0.155 chalicist measurements on one set of batteries: up to 5000 Moisture and dust: IP 65

Bosch Laser roulette computer (distance calculator)

bosch laser roulette

[Overall Rating: 2/5]
Bosch DLE 70
The range of 70 meters, accuracy 1.5 mm 4x Strojny display. The tilt sensor. Folding bracket for izmereniya from a corner.
Calculation of area and volume, inaccessible distances.
Price is $140


Ultrasonic Roulette Ultrasonic Distance computer with Laser Pointer

[Overall Rating: 2/5]

ultrasonic roulette computer

Measuring range: 0.4 – 18 m ( 1.5-60 ft)
Built-in Laser Pointer
Built-in functions to calculate : area, volume , addition, subtraction
Accuracy + / – 0.5 ~ 1%
resolution 0.5in
Ultrasonic measuring tape equipped with LCD display with backlight
Switch display feet / meters
Operating frequency ultrasonic probe : 40kHz
Operating temperature: 0 C – 45 C
Power: 1 x battery type 9V ( not included in kit )
Dimensions: 155 x 72 x 48 mm
Weight: 162 gr
Options: 1 x Ultrasonic Laser Roulette
Unit Price: US $99.48

ultrasonic distance measure roulette