Before embarking on the epic quest of beating online casinos at their own games, you need to have a plan and contemplate all possible scenarios. You won’t be the first and very likely not the last trying to beat the game of roulette, so it wouldn’t hurt to pay attention to what happened to those who tried before you. In a nutshell, they failed and most of them failed miserably and the last thing you want is to become a part of these dreaded statistics.

The bad news is that there is no way of constantly beating the game except for cheating at roulette and we are not going to dignify this practice with too many paragraphs. The good news is that even though the odds are stacked against you and you are more likely to fail than to succeed, knowing a couple of winning tips for online roulette can improve your chances. It’s not much, but it is the best you can hope for and the tips includes both practical and mental advice and the best part is that they can be put to good use when playing other online casino games.

Online Roulette


You need to know the secrets of the online gaming industry. Knowing where to play and what to play can be more critical that knowing how to play. Which are the honest online casinos? Which casinos allow you to withdraw your winnings without limitations and unnecessary hassle? What are the best live online roulette games with favorable rules and where can you find them? How can you benefit from casino bonuses and which bonuses should you avoid? What are the companies behind the games and the casinos?


try get some knowledge about the industry itself, besides how to play roulette or which system to use. At roulette 30 we try to offer valuable information about the online roulette scene with our articles. But you can also ask any questions you may have in our friendly and active forum.


When the roulette wheel starts spinning, apparently you need to decide between different types of bets, but there is of course the option of not betting at all. That’s one way of avoiding losses, but it’s not the system we’ll be focusing on, since this would defeat the purpose of writing about roulette. The aim is to mitigate losses by any means and the first line of defense is identifying the risky wagers to exclude them.

Don’t pay too much attention to inside bets, because the roulette odds of hitting your number spot are crushing and you need a huge bankroll to bet on individual numbers. Losing streaks can generally stay active longer than players can stay solvent, so don’t take the chances and play the outside. You will win often and even though the amount is significantly lower, you won’t be waiting for an elusive number while witnessing with shock how your bankroll shrinks.


Outside bets have a chance of almost 50% of resulting in a profitable outcome and you will win often enough as to make the session exciting and pleasant. If you are hell-bent on choosing inside bets, then at least wager on several numbers that are neighboring each other. The goal is the same and what you are trying to achieve is to maximize the chances of winning, while sacrificing big payouts. This is the compromise that players can do if they are not sold on the outside bets.


Just visit a casino portal and you will immediately realize that playing roulette over the Internet is more convenient than going to a local casino and nowadays it is possible to enjoy the game in the company of real dealers. There is no reason to deny yourself the pleasure of competing at these tables and making the transition from one type of roulette to the other can have unintended benefits. Playing multiplayer Roulette for example, allows you to see how others play roulette and learn a thing or two from other online players.

There is no better way of experimenting with new roulette systems than by watching them at work and in this way you can learn a lesson for free. It is just as important to practice new online roulette tips on virtual currency or at low limits, if you’re not comfortable trying them at high stakes. Take your time and don’t jump to conclusions because the only way of knowing for sure if a strategy is worth anything is by using the system for a long while.

Unlike poker games which are full time jobs for professional players, roulette is not going to reward the tenacious ones who spin the wheel for hours in a row. Take breaks often and don’t hesitate to break down a roulette session in smaller chunks, because fatigue and routine are a real threat to your bankroll. If you play against live dealers or other players be talkative and even when you are not betting, hear them out and don’t block information just because it is not consistent with your beliefs.

If you happen to lose while playing roulette, accept the loss as a part of the game and move on, because better times will eventually come.


Don’t chase losses and don’t try to make each session a winning one because wishing yourself there is not going to cut it. If lady luck smiled benevolently upon you, feel grateful for the good fortune and set aside the percentage of your winnings, then cash out the money or at least a portion of it. Those who play long enough, will end up squandering all their profits and this is a lesson that needs to be learned especially by those who rely on progressive roulette strategies.


This is obviously easier said than done, because those who have a sub-par IQ can’t rise it by their own volition and what’s even worse, they are not smart enough to realize that in the first place. On the other hand, Forest Gump said it better when quoting his mother who used to say that ”stupid is as stupid does”. What this means is that even an intelligent person who commits stupid mistakes is stupid and roulette players should refrain from committing such errors.

Some of them are so obvious that you don’t need someone to teach you and common sense is more than enough to keep you safe. A shining example is to avoid the American roulette which has two zeros on the wheel, therefore is less likely to be beaten in the long run. Online casinos make their profits by cashing in on the house edge and players need to focus on those games that have the smallest percentage. It is hard enough to beat the roulette and you don’t need to worsen your chances for any reason.

Another sign of stupidity is to assume that all those before you were stupid and you can reinvent the wheel, more precisely come up with a formidable roulette strategy. The best way to dismiss such theory is by putting it to the test for a long time at insignificant stakes and sticking to the system regardless of outcome. Losing money is the best argument in favor of abandoning a strategy, so do yourself a favor and protect your bankroll even if that implies hurting your pride.


Whatever you do, don’t pay a dime to someone who is selling a winning roulette strategy even if the costs are extremely low. Nobody would give away such a functional system for no matter how much money and certainly wouldn’t publish it online for anyone to see it. There is no such money making machine out there, just a bunch of thieves trying to take advantage of the naivety of roulette players.

First published on: 24/10/2017