Roulette player thinking
Johanna Herbst: My body is a cage, my mind is the key

The character and psychology of the roulette player are as important as his playing method. All your vices and traits are tested on the casino. Greed, bad judgement, arrogance and bad temper are vulnerabilities that will be paid for dearly on the roulette table, even if you had a great system.

Therefore one of the main areas of focus of Roulette 30 is the psyche and attributes of the roulette player. We ask ourselves why we gamble, we explore the reasons and mechanics of losing, we have shown that loss can be a good thing sometimes, we are aware of the dangers of gambling addiction and we will continue to study ourselves as a gamblers and the physiological, sentimental, intellectual and existential parameters of the gambling phenomenon. We even referred to Nietzsche and the isolation of the creative person, because we consider creativity along with other virtues, an essential quality of the successful roulette player. Because roulette is much more than just a game.

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Let us for a moment, get our minds away from statistics and systems and casino chips. Close your ears to the sound of the ball running around the wheel and close your eyes to the bright lights of Las Vegas. And meditate on these thoughts…

In the western world we are familiar with the seven deadly sins:
Covetousness, Envy, Gluttony, Lechery, Pride, Sloth and Wrath.

Similarly in the ancient teachings there are five human vices which seems to be the root cause of all man-made problems around us every time:

  • Anger
  • Lust
  • Greed
  • Attachment
  • Expectation

We aim to improve ourselves by controlling and be aware of all these vices at all times. Anger, Lust and Greed are self-explanatory. What about Attachment and Expectation?

Attachment. When we are attached to something or someone, if we lose them, this will lead to great disappointment and an unbearable feeling of loss. This can be money, love, job or status. The opposite to attachment is detachment.

Expectation. Any kind of expectation is bad. When the outcome of any endeavor does not turn out according to what we planned, we feel discouraged and defeated. The greater our expectation the more painful it becomes. A person who goes to a casino for the first time with his entire life savings and expect to beat the casino will be really depressed if he loses it all on one night!

In the case of a relationship, attachment can cause pain when you lose that someone, expectation can also cause pain when things don’t turn out according to plan. One is you don’t want to let go, while the other is you force your assumptions for a certain outcome upon the other .

Do not put too much expectation and stay detached from everything. Otherwise the negative consequences are obvious. You won’t be happy and life would seem terrible. Your confidence will get a hard beating.

Sometimes we need to learn to let go; according to numerology, this is the quality of Number 9. We should take it easy (Number 3) and let life take it’s winding path like a river flow (Number 5). Will talk more about numerology in another article.

These five vices are not related to any particular religion. They are universal and interdependent of your race, religion, dogma or ideology. And they can be observed throughout the age of time. And they will continue to be seen in the future.

But you have a choice with a certain degree of control. It’s called awareness. If you can be aware every second and remind yourself of the five vices, you can try to dominate and restrict them. But we are creatures who forget very easily. When something happens to us and we get angry, that is a form of reaction because we “forgot ourselves” at that instantaneous moment.

Meditation may seem to be a way to heighten this awareness, but it will be really useful only if it can maintain your awareness while out of the meditation session. Meditation is also related to timing and timing related to luck. You’ll be surprised at how most people have totally misunderstood what meditation means, even the majority of those who are practicing it! Basically any enlightenment process is not only limited to during a deep meditation session. This is just a myth.

Numerology, meditation, awareness, luck, human vices and virtues, psychology, timing, are all inescapable aspects of the life of the roulette player. The gambler is neither a betting robot, nor an addicted freak. We need to take a holistic approach to understand him. To understand ourselves and make our lives better, whatever that may mean.