I’m delighted to author this exclusive article about my Golden Secret Baccarat Strategy for the 888casino blog. 

The contents of this article are based on my bestselling book, the Ultimate Golden Secret Baccarat Winning Strategy. I’ve compacted the most important aspects about baccarat shoe patterns and the betting options, so you’ll know how it all works. 

Table of Contents

1 – What are the baccarat betting strategies

It’s important to understand the difference between standard baccarat betting systems and a more advanced baccarat strategy, such as the Golden Secret.

Most baccarat players use some form of betting strategy. Even ones they themselves have invented. 

Baccarat betting systems are like roulette betting systems played on outside chances, even-money games. As baccarat bettors, you need to decide; 

  • Whether to bet on Banker or Player (your bet selections);
  • And when to wager playing chips, since you might not place bets on every game. 
  • The value of the chips or your stake. You might want to bet more or bet less on certain baccarat games. 

You assign your own monetary value to a unit. For example, $10 = 1 unit. So, depending on how many units you stake, you’ll know what your total bet size is.

Most well-known betting systems focus on the number of units a player should stake on a particular casino game such as baccarat. 

For instance, there’s the baccarat Martingale betting system. The Martingale doesn’t advise bettors to wager on Banker or Player. You decide this. 

Many casino gamblers use the Martingale betting system to bet against a long streak. 

In using the Martingale betting system, when you lose, you stake double your bet size in the next game. And continue to do so until you win 1 unit or cannot bet anymore.

There’re many other betting systems that can be used in the game of baccarat including Fibonacci, Labouchere, and the Paroli. 

However, like the Martingale, the emphasis of these baccarat betting systems is all about how much to bet, but little or no information regarding bet selections. 

A baccarat betting system only advances into a proper baccarat strategy when its aim tries to work out whether to bet on Banker or Player. This is achieved by making decisions based on game outcomes that form patterns within a baccarat shoe.

The desire to win at baccarat has been the goal of casino goers since the game was invented. But there aren’t many decent baccarat strategies that include logical rules. 

A baccarat strategy needs to be super strong, because it goes up against the casino’s house edge. But it also has to contend with the nature of random baccarat outcomes.

2 – Advantages of using the Golden Secret in random outcome baccarat games

Because the Golden Secret Baccarat Strategy has bet selection rules, this gives it an advantage over betting systems that don’t.

Using the Golden Secret bet selections focuses a baccarat bettor’s wagering options into a narrow window of betting opportunities. 

The Golden Secret bet selections are based on baccarat shoes being strong in opposite outcomes. As well as resetting to opposite outcomes from dominant Banker or Player streaks.

As a baccarat gambler, you gain an advantage when you set logical rules concerning how you bet on games. In doing so, you’re less likely to become frustrated, thereafter placing out of control bets based on emotions. 

3 – Understanding the Golden Secret Baccarat Strategy

There are two distinct types of Golden Secret bets within a baccarat shoe. I refer to these as Mode 1 and Mode 2 outcomes. 

When you become familiar with the two Modes, you’ll know precisely whether to bet Banker or Player. 

Mode 1 and 2 betting opportunities can be seen within patterns formed by outcomes in most baccarat shoes.

Illustration 1


4 – Modes 1 and 2 of the Golden Secret Baccarat Strategy explained 

The Modes (or the Golden Secret bets) are based on patterns the game outcomes within baccarat shoe’s form.

Both Modes 1 and 2 bet opposite the previous outcome. So, where I bet Banker, the previous outcome would’ve been Player. And vice versa. 

If I were doubling down for instance on a second attempt, I would bet for an opposite of the last outcome too. So, I never bet Same as the last outcome.

The two Golden Secret baccarat Modes are based on the fact for there to be opposite outcomes on the first line, Banker, and Player streaks will need to end. 

And in most baccarat shoes, when looking at the Main Road Scoreboard, there’re more outcomes marked on the first line.

For example, as you can see in the illustration below, the first line has more outcomes.

Illustration 2

I call this, the triangle visualization (upside down triangle) where outcomes gravitate to the top line.

5 – Golden Secret Baccarat Strategy and streaks of Bankers or Players

A streak of Bankers or Players is a minimum of three in a row of the same outcomes. 

So, for a run of Bankers or Players to be considered a streak, there must be three or more Bankers in a row. Or three3 or more Players in-a-row. 

6 – When to bet on Modes 1 and 2 in the Golden Secret Baccarat Strategy 

The two Modes appear as opportunities to bet on when three or more in-a-row streaks of Bankers or Players end.

The two Modes are strong indicators that streaks are ending. Look at the following illustration.

Illustration 3

Mode 1:

B P B    [Now I would bet opposite of the last outcome. Therefore, I would bet P]

A winning mode 1 will look like as follows:


Above you see P is a key winning outcome. This is because it had been a strong indicator that another opposite was likely.

Mode 2: (the broken double)

B P B    [Now I would bet opposite of the last outcome. Therefore, I would bet P]

A winning mode 2 will look like as follows:


Modes 1 and 2 occur in most baccarat shoes. Remember there needs to be a streak of 3 or more in-a-row of Bankers or Players before the Modes can be bet on.

7 – Two Modes as Player Streaks 

In the two Modes example above, I used Banker as the three or more outcomes in-a-row forming streaks. 

In the following two examples, I’m going to use the Player with three or more outcomes in-a-row forming streaks. 

Mode 1:

P  B P    (I would now bet B)

Mode 2:

P B P    (I would now bet B)

8 – How powerful is the Golden Secret Baccarat Strategy?

There’s a strong likelihood of the two Mode bets succeeding, because of the equilibrium requiring an opposite outcome. Or to start off an opposite streak i.e., BPBP etc.

You might argue that baccarat is a random game of chance, and I wouldn’t disagree. 

However, if you take a large sample size of say 10,000 shoes or 600,000 outcomes, a computer program shows us that a balance of Banker and Player streaks versus zigzagged streaks is maintained throughout.

One of the two Golden Secret Baccarat Strategy Modes must present after a Banker or Player streak has ended. 

The only exceptions are:

  1. Where opposite streaks begin at the start of a baccarat shoe.
  2. Where outcomes have not formed into three or more in-a-row of Bankers or Players. In this instance, the baccarat pattern of outcomes will be played out on the first and second lines.
  3. Where a shoe ends. Therefore the dealer stops drawing cards.

The highest probability that opposite outcomes will occur within a baccarat shoe based on the Golden Secret Baccarat Strategy are in the examples I have revealed. 

Therefore, it would be too risky to place large opposite bets during a run of Bankers or Players. For how can you have confidence that an opposite might occur if you bet mid-streak? 

It thus follows, that the most helpful occasions of when to bet opposite are in Modes 1 and 2.

9 – Baccarat betting options and bankroll management 

A. Flat Betting using the Golden Secret Baccarat Strategy 

The safest way to bet using the Golden Secret Baccarat Strategy is to flat bet. With flat betting you have more control over your bankroll even when losing. And you only need to win a few units for a baccarat session to be a success.

Flat betting means you never bet more than 1 unit in any one game.

B. Double Down following a losing baccarat bet 

You could double down once following a losing baccarat bet. Or after each losing Mode. The choice is yours. It’s all about getting a feel for the bet selections and applying the right bet size at the right times.

With the Golden Secret, from Mode to Mode there’re not too many losses in a row. But within a limited number of games, this isn’t guaranteed, given outcomes of games are still always going to be random.

As well as the house edge deducting 5% of the winning part of Banker wins, the casino has another long-term edge over players. This is when baccarat bettors stake too much in games that turn out to be losing baccarat outcomes for them. 

C. Bet more when winning on baccarat and less when losing

Most casino gamblers don’t play in more than a few baccarat shoes within one baccarat gambling session. Therefore, the wisest thing to do, in my view, is to increase bet sizes slightly when winning. And decrease when losing. 

You could try one or two double down attempts, but where these fail, you need to activate a stop loss. And the best way to do this—if you decide to continue betting—is to reduce your bet size.

Betting less through a losing phase is one alternative to protecting more of your bankroll. 

10 – Golden Secret Baccarat Strategy Summary 

  • The Golden Secret Strategy is an advanced rule-based betting system. It not only deals with money management, but also has cleverly worked out bet selections.
  • The key bets (Modes 1 and 2) have been identified and these never change.
  • Therefore, the structure of the Golden Secret Strategy is non-complex, logical and practical.
  • The risk to reward is balanced.

Conclusion of the Golden Secret Baccarat Strategy 

The best way to get to know how to apply the Golden Secret is to keep a record of live baccarat outcomes and apply the results of the baccarat strategy to the outcomes.  

If you feel the Golden Secret is effective, you could give it a go on a live online baccarat table. 

In my view, the Golden Secret Baccarat Strategy is one of the best baccarat betting strategies in the world. Though I would write this given I invented it. 

Although I’ve invented a number of baccarat strategies, when I bet on baccarat, I prefer to use my Golden Secret Baccarat Strategy because the bet selections are some of the most important and sophisticated outcomes in the game.

Stephen R. Tabone is an English Writer from Great Britain. He is a casino games professional pattern player and outcomes systemiser. He is the Author of Bestselling Baccarat books, ‘The Ultimate Silver Bullet Proof Baccarat Winning Strategy 2.1’ and ‘The Ultimate Golden Secret Baccarat Winning Strategy 3.0’.

In 2011, Mr. Tabone earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours in Creative Writing and Philosophy from the University of Greenwich, London. And holds qualifications in Law and in Business.