Winning at a casino game is one thing. Easily and safely managing your bankroll, payments and money withdrawals is another. They are equally important. The difference is that constantly winning at roulette is hard, while transferring money securely is relatively easy. This is why there is much more talk, debate and strategies about winning roulette than there is about payment methods. We have already presented 9 solid roulette systems, but only two casino payment methods: Skrill and Netter. These do the job perfectly, no need for other options or alternative services.

But let’s sum up what resources you can find in Roulette30.

Bankroll Management
I don’t know if I am proud or ashamed about this post. It is the most fast written post I’ve ever done. Normally I take my time; I think about the structure of the article, possible tables, search or create relevant images. An article could easily take more than a week to be completed. Yet my post on the value of bankroll was written and posted in an hour. This was as close to automatic writing as it gets in relation to roulette. It came straight from the heart and into writing without much afterthought. That’s why it maybe rough or repetitious. It may seem like a rambling and it probably is, but trust me it is fully based on my actual experiences at the casinos and roulette tables and this is worth something.

A comparative review: Skrill vs Neteller
If you already have an idea of online payment methods and you want to make up your mind what e-wallet to use to deposit and withdraw money in online casinos look no further. I think we did a nice job in categorizing the various aspects of these services, like Friendliness and Performance, Pricing and Limits, Special features and products, Security and Customer service. And I’m proud of our little scoring chart.

skrill neteller

Hands-on Skrill review
This a very interesting review of the number one service for online casino payments. It is actually the rebranded Moneybookers. This review is absolutely based on first hand experience of many years.

Academic Essay about Electronic Payment Systems (EPS)
This is not for everyone. Not if you are looking for quick and practical advice on casino payment options. It is however a tremendously interesting essay on the technology behind electronic payment systems

Complete Online Gambling Guide
[these resources are still in development, until they are finished you are welcome to read our online gambling advice]

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