Roulette involves a whole lot more than just betting on random outcomes spin after spin. To really get the most out of the game you need to avoid making the mistakes many Roulette players tend to make. Having spent over 20 years studying the game, developing strategies and observing a myriad of the behaviours we players make. I have identified what to avoid and what to factor into our game-play.


  1. Mind your bankroll
  2. Don't get carried away by winning and losing streaks
  3. Losing phases & your roulette numbers
  4. Stop loss alert
  5. Don't chase your losses
  6. Put time limit on your roulette sessions
  7. One roulette wheel is as good as another
  8. Adopt a roulette strategy
  9. Forget about myths
  10. Lucky & unlucky


Often overlooked by many Roulette players, managing one’s bankroll is a fundamental aspect of being able to last longer at the table. Whether your plan is to bet big in an all or nothing scenario or to try and build winnings or limit losses slowly you should think about how quickly you’ve lost money in the past because of staking too much of your casino bankroll

I wouldn’t recommend risking more than 5% of your bankroll each spin and when you win don’t get carried away by betting too much more because winning streaks don’t last.


Whether through luck or skill when pattern playing or using some other Roulette strategy, it’s important to remember that a run of losses will follow a run of wins. So, factor in a stop loss and/or a reduction to your bet size. I can’t ever recall watching a player keep on winning when all their numbers were hitting without a losing phase turning the pages on a winning chapter. 

I’ve seen Roulette players burn though their winnings including their original bankroll when their winning streak had ended as they doubled down trying to maintain the advantage they had. Easy come, easy go, don’t get carried away so that when the losses start, you’re able to stop to protect most of your winnings.


Mega common observation many Roulette players make especially after losing their bankroll. And one of the biggest reasons why this happens is they carry on betting during losing phases or betting too much or don’t trigger a stop loss. Then they ask why this happens a lot even though it’s clear why. Your roulette numbers will also go through winning and losing phases, but because the game is random when you play there’s no way of knowing whether your numbers will occur a lot or not. 

If you note down a win/loss ratio this is a worthwhile guide. Of course, if you’re always changing your numbers it’ll become problematic trying to make sense of ongoing stats unless your choosing of different numbers is part of a wider strategy.


Applying a stop loss is one of the most powerful tools a Roulette player must use to overcome losing phases. This will protect your bankroll so you’re able to bet normally when your numbers start hitting. You should set a rule for when to trigger a stop loss and when to start betting again. 

For example, when I bet on the even chances, such as Red or Black, when I lose three times in a row my stop loss is triggered. And I only start betting again when one of my numbers connected to the colour I’m following occurs. This way in the long run I end up saving many more losses than had I bet through losing phases.


If you can manage your bankroll and understand that however you play the game, you’ll experience winning and losing phases, you shouldn’t get into a position where you want to chase your losses. Whilst is true that you can sometimes recover your previous losses this behaviour can lead to higher losses. If you factor into your game the fact that you might end up losing your bankroll even if you’ve played your best game, you’re less likely to get the urge to chase losses. 

When you lose at the chasing losses game it wrecks your Roulette experience. True professional Roulette players avoid chasing after losses.


For me a Roulette session is one group of games some of which is bet on in any one day. There’s no point in winning if you’re then going to end up losing what you’ve won all within the same 24-hour period. The hardest part of winning proper is to add 25% to 50% to your bankroll. Of course, sometimes we’re able to gain 100% and even much more. But on average the Roulette Pro is looking for small increases each session and he doesn’t want to be taking too much time to achieve his aims. 

I’d say that setting aside one to two hours per session should be enough to either win, lose or come out at breakeven. Putting a time limit on your Roulette sessions should help you to focus and refine the way you play. 


When some players are losing on a Roulette wheel, they tend to want to change wheels. But the real issue is not the wheel it’s their inability to understand that losses will follow wins and to wait for wins to begin to occur again. It’s wrong to think that this or that wheel is unlucky or lucky merely because you’ve lost or won on it. The game is random and over many games on any wheel with any set of numbers you will win and lose at the same levels. 

Roulette wheel

It’s true that sometimes a player will change wheels and end up winning, but this is only because the outcomes favoured his bet selection at the time of the change yet it doesn’t follow that changing wheels will always result in wins and the wheel you’ve left might start to be favourable to the numbers you were betting on. As they say, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence.  


You might have your own way of deciding what to bet on, but online casino Roulette involves a whole lot more if you’re going to say you’re sticking to a strategy. A proper strategy should be able to explain when to bet and when not to, when to increase and decrease wagers or flat bet, when to stop betting and when to resume betting again…there’s a lot more to a decent Roulette strategy aside from the reasoning connected to the bet selection that should also be explained as well as the stats and odds. So, think about choosing a strategy that covers all the above aspects and more so that you stand a good chance of winning or at the very least not losing too much of your bankroll.


You might believe some or other players may have told you some Roulette myths such as, a dealer can cause you to lose or help you to win. With a ball spinning several times in the opposite direction to a wheel that is rotating before the ball bounces around on its way to a numbered slot, it’s irrational to hold the belief that any dealer can achieve what’s known as dealer signature to the extent that s/he can cause a game to go for or against your bet selection. If this were possible clear evidence would’ve surfaced within the last 100 years. 

A casino’s advantage is its house edge not a love or hate relationship a dealer might have with you. Moreover, dealers can’t even see who you are when you’re playing online Roulette.


Luck plays a major part of the Roulette experience moreover when you’re not sticking to a rule-based strategy. There can be times when you may feel lucky or unlucky before starting or during a session of games and the overall outcome win/lose might coincide with your feelings. However, it’s impossible to determine the likelihood of whether if you could win or lose based solely upon the signals those feelings might be indicating to you.

Rather than focusing on the inanimate, it’s more beneficial to turn your inner abilities (your mindset) on structing a strategy that is able of maintaining fair results during the random nature that is the game of Roulette. There’re many things you can do to organise the way you play so that your focus is on the probability of your bet selections either winning or losing including utilising many of the above tips. 

But of course, some people enjoy the emotional experience that the luck factor offers and indeed Roulette can prove you to be unlucky moreover when betting on more numbers in games when you don’t win too often or lucky when you bet on fewer numbers in games and end up winning at roulette often.  

Stephen R. Tabone is an English Writer from Great Britain. He is a casino games professional pattern player and outcomes systemiser. He is the Author of Bestselling Baccarat books, ‘The Ultimate Silver Bullet Proof Baccarat Winning Strategy 2.1’ and ‘The Ultimate Golden Secret Baccarat Winning Strategy 3.0’.

In 2011, Mr. Tabone earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours in Creative Writing and Philosophy from the University of Greenwich, London. And holds qualifications in Law and in Business.