Blackjack is the most popular casino game in history

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How People Try to Cheat While Playing Blackjack

“Have you ever caught anyone card counting?” As a croupier, working in London’s high end casinos, this was one of the questions I was asked most – often by people who’d never been to a casino, who wouldn’t even know how to play blackjack. The notoriety of this form of cheating is probably due at least in part to Ben Mazrich’s bestselling account of a group of card counting students who won millions in Vegas.

Samantha Rea
November 30, 2017

How to Play a Pair of 7s in Blackjack

Which strategy you should invoke depends upon what the blackjack dealer’s upcard is, the number of decks of cards being used, whether double down after pair splitting is allowed, and whether surrender is offered.
Henry Tamburin Ph.D
October 31, 2017

Stadium Blackjack: A New Way to Play

Picture 44 electronic player terminals spread out in a stadium-configured arrangement in a casino. A live blackjack dealer stands in front of the stadium facing the players. Players (in this example, up to all 44) make their bets by touching the casino chips across the bottom of the screen on their interactive terminal. As soon as bets are made by the active players and a countdown timer reaches zero indicating that wagering is closed, a live dealer deals a single (common) hand of blackjack to all players, and deals one card to herself.

Henry Tamburin Ph.D
September 4, 2017