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Slots: What is the American Gaming System?

It takes multiple manufacturers working year-around to keep up with player demands for new slot games. Regardless of whether you’re playing online slots, or offline, once you’ve seen everything a game has to offer, you’re ready for something new to pique your interest.

Two of the game makers whose creative approaches have enabled them to claim growing shares of the slot business are Incredible Technologies and American Gaming systems.

John Grochowski
July 20, 2020

Slot List: 7 Things You Need for Online & Land-Based Casinos

There’s nothing difficult about playing slots. There are no complicated strategies to learn as in blackjack or video poker and no need to choose among wagers with wildly different house edges as in craps.

You don’t even need to learn where to place chips to bet on four numbers instead of six or some other total as in roulette.

Still, a little planning and preparation can help you get the most out of your time on the slot.

John Grochowski
July 5, 2020

Online Slots Favorites: Grochowski's Top Games

Many of the online slots players enjoy come from the same manufacturers that supply games to offline casinos. International Game Technology, Scientific Games, Aristocrat Technologies and others are giants online and offline.

Many of the games are even the same. IGT’s Cleopatra has been a hit both online and offline, and Scientific Games’ Jackpot Party variations have followed offline success as online hits.

John Grochowski
June 29, 2020

The Best & Newest Slot Machines in 2020

Online slots and slot machine players love new game experiences, and slot manufacturers stand ever ready to offer them.

New games we can expect to see in 2020 include pop culture themes including the latest Monopoly game from Scientific Games, Jeopardy! from International Game Technology, and The Karate Kid and the Mask from Everi.

They include games with rewards for small cycles of spins, such as Ainsworth’s Super Lit Vegas and Incredible Technologies’ Happy 8’s. And there are progressives galore, including Konami Gaming’s Ba Fang Jin Bao series.

John Grochowski
April 3, 2020

Slots Vs. Video Poker Comps

Slot machine players are among the most valuable players in today’s casinos, both online and offline. Casinos know it, too. They reward slot players with cash back or free play along with meals, free or discounted rooms and other comps.

In fact, modern player rewards systems that track how much you play evolved from the “slot clubs” that sprang up in the early 1980s, starting with the 24K Club at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City. 

John Grochowski
November 12, 2019

7 Penny Slot Tips by Slots PRO John Grochowski

Slot machines continue to ride a growing wave in popularity – they’re the most popular games in American casinos. And the most popular slots of all are penny games. Here are some valuable Penny Slot tips
John Grochowski
October 3, 2019

Slot Machine Money Management Tips

  • The basics of money management boil down to protecting your money, limiting your losses, making sure you keep some winnings, and limiting the number of chances the house edge has to work against you.
  • When you do that, you won't change the house edge or create extra winning spins, but you will make sure your bankroll stays a little fatter and isn't stretched beyond your limits.

Money management is not a magic spell that can turn you into a big w

May 15, 2019

Why Slots are So Popular?

The most popular slots in land-based casinos are video slots, yet the games that hold their places on casino floors longest are three-reel games.

Not only that. Slot games in an online casino, which essentially are video slots in an Internet environment, earn their keep longer than video slots offline.

John Grochowski
May 7, 2019